Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winterfell is changing

last trip in Libris

Yesterday I took the ships out of Star Port and into Winterfell Libris. I was considering to take some pictures of the full fleet cruising near the home port but before I could recall the Running Star near the other ships a neighbor visited me and we started chatting about ships and sailing regions and pirates. The time went by fast and so the hour of leaving came and this is the only picture I was able to take. It shows my flagship, the Star of Christmas escorted by the Fighting Star, while in the background the Morning Star and the Star of Faeria are docked at Star Port.

Today I was considering taking the pictures again but I found out that there was nothing a couple of steps out of Star Port. Winterfell Libris has gone (moved to another position i nthe grid). This was scheduled to happen but it was still a bit of shock. I am going to miss the view from the deck of the Morning Star, the sunset behind the atoll in Winterfell libris, the masts of Miss Serra's ship at the horizon.

Libris no more

The Winterfell openspaces are going. Eight of them will be converted into two full sims. According to Miss Serra's current plan (available at the main gate of Taure En Lor) a new sim will be placde west of Ebonshire so I will have a new view. It will be different. A big mountain is raising in Winterfell Morigion which is one of the new full sims, SW of Ebonshire. The mountain will continue in the new sim and so m ynew view will probably look mush more like that of a fjiord. It may be interesting. But I am sure I will miss the old view.

So long


P.S. In the next days I'll have also to recover my never published Mix'n Merge contribution and publish it here.


AuroraSkye said...

Oh the changes are sooo sad! I'm so sorry, Wild.

Your second picture took my breath away -- of you standing on the boat in silloette (spelling) What a gorgeous picture!!!!!

That is sooo unfair that your entry was never posted ! Definitely put it up so I can read it!!!


Anonymous said...

The new sim was there this morning!