Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the power of SL

yesterday, before going to sleep, I briefly joined Princess Ivory who was following the US elections results from the Capitol Hill sim and invited me there. It was very late for me already (almost 3 am) and, altough regretting it, I had to go to sleep after a few minutes, yet once more SL gave me a proof of its power. I was no longer alone watching the event on CNN or CNBC on satellite TV. I was among other people who were passionate, worried, excited. I was living the event rather than watching it.
Not being American my interest in the election was indirect, but it was very difficult not to have the feeling that I was personally living a moment that will be remembered in history. And maybe not only for the election of an African American, but also for the way the technology is evolving to make us part of something bigger than what we were used to experience.

I am just sorry that I was already too sleepy to think to take a picture, but you can see one in the New World Note Blog, where you can also find a statement from Princess herself :)


P.S. I do hope that a certain announcement later today is not going to spoil my current enthusiasm


Anonymous said...

I have stayed out of discussions of this election because I see very differently and I know that my voice would only serve to stir things up, but I am glad that you were able to take part in that if even for only a short time. It is very interesting to see people from other countries (not just you - several blogs of people outside the US are saying similar things) taking part in an election in this country. It gives me hope that the possibility of the "United Nations" becoming "United Earth" might still happen.

AuroraSkye said...

That sounds like a nice experience, Wild. I wish I could have been there (but I was too busy putting down my cat) :-( Still, I am very glad of the outcome and I HOPE that some good things can happen because of it.

I wonder if you feel similar things as my brother, Mykyl. He is not happy at all with Obama having won and he feels that Obama is just a plant, some sort of set up, and that Obama will make things worse for US safety from terrorists, and US economy etc. I sure hope that my brother wrong about many of his beliefs. I like my brother -- he is a very kind, sincere, genuine person but OH I sure hope he is wrong about some things. I voted for Obama and I sure hope that he can turn things around from all the damage that Bush did. (A very tall order, I'm afraid)