Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Bay Yachts

I have not yet left the sim of Gumtree to start my next stage of the tour of the continents, I have, however, give in to the curiosity and visited the Star Bay area, on the eastern edge of the Corsica continent and mentioned in my previous post.

Wow !!! 

The place is fantastic. Yachts, boats, sailships ... a feast for the eyes ! :)

Star Bay Yacht Marina

Granted, they are mostly static, and I usually prefer to sail,  but the sailships look so good, with so much care for the details that it is difficult not to be impressed.

Star Bay Yacht Marina

I believe that I'll make an exception and I get one. :D

Star Bay Yacht Marina

Stay tuned for the images of a new boat floating in the Bay of Mishra :)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parkinson's Law in Second Life

The Parkinson's Law is very popular among those involved in project management issues.

There are several corollaries. I think we can formulate a Second Life version:

Prims expand to fill all the sims available

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is Coming

well, it may sound not too Winterfallen ;-) , but is it the reality. Here in Italy the temperature is around 35 degrees C (95F) so I spent the morning laying lazily on the balcony with my notebook and enjoying an as  gorgeous SL morning in the deck of the Morning Star docked in the Bay of Mishra

Sunday morning in the Bay of Mishra

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The tour of Gaeta V

After a few weeks I was in the mood for the next stage of my Grand Tour of the SL continents.

During my last stage I had crossed into Gaeta coming from Corsica. This time I toured around Gaeta and I came back to the canal connecting the two continents.

It was an easy trip and it too around two hours of quiet sailing. Corsica has been designed with sailing friendly criteria and there are a couple of sims of protected water all around, so it is quite easy to cruise and enjoy the view.

Around the Gaeta Continent

Along the northern side of the continent I cought some strong race wind set to come from the East so I had keep beating to be able to sail upwind. The room available made it easy to do it, even if it took longer and I had to loose sight of the coast often. But I guess that it is fair not to be able to choose one's own wind :)

Around the Gaeta Continent

The only problem was in the sim of Sorbet, in the SE corner of the continent, where in fact there was just a narrow stip of protected water and it was rather difficult to pass. But nothing major like in some other places of mainland full of banlines.

Overall it was a very pleasant cruise and I was able to enjoy some nice views.

Around the Gaeta Continent

Around the Gaeta Continent

Around the Gaeta Continent

When the time is up usually the problem is to be able to find a spot where it will be possible to rezz the boat to start the next stage. I was rather lucky to find it just the end of the Corsica/Gaeta Canal in the sim of Gumtree. I moored the Star of Faeria there and from there I will start for the next stage, ready to cross back into Corsica.

Around the Gaeta Continent

The target for the next stage is to saili the northern coast of Corsica to the nice water sim of Borgenite, where Princess and Alphonsus used to have a home.
Before that, just on the other side of the canal there will be region of Star Bay. From the map it looks pretty interesting with all those boats docked there !

I'll let you know

Cheers !


Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am not sure what they did with the Moon in the new RC viewer, but I like it !

the Bay of Mishra in Moonlight

It was a great view to see the Moon rise over the Bay of Mishra

the Bay of Mishra in Moonlight

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last performance of the Twelfth Night Act I

All good things come to an end, and so today, at 1pm SLT, it is the last performance of the SLSC's Twelfth Night Act I

It was a great season and it was fun to enjoy this great SL achievement and get acquainted with these gifted performers and their amazing director.

For those who have not been to the SL Globe Theater it is the last opportunity to attend this great play and to enter the rich contest associated with it.

The Company will be back a few month from now with the much awaited Act II.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

introducing the "Star of Winterfell"

Here is my second naval purchase of the week: the Star of Winterfell

"Star of Winterfell"

I have had in mind for long time to dedicate a boat to the region where my home is, and the new Trudeau J-Class looked just perfect.

Isn't that spinnaker just lovely ?! :D


Monday, May 4, 2009

new addtitions to the fleet

The shipyards have worked hard lately and have just delivered a couple of new additions to the Wild Fleet. Here is the the first of the two, the new Hunting Star (a TSS Brig) which had just reached the fleet flagship, the Battlestar, in the Bay of Mishra.

the Hunting Star and the Battlestar

Stay tuned for the second one ;)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beautiful - Winterfell

After three posts concerning my favorite images and places, of course I could not forget a session dedicated to my home region of Winterfell, showing its present and past beauty

With all my thanks to Miss Serra Anansi for creating all this