Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Libris no more

Libris no more
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Miss Serra just held a meeting in Winterfell, about the openspaces crisis. Among other plans she also said that her own private home, Winterfell Libris, will have to go. Libris is the sim just outside my Star Port, probably the view I enjoy most when I am logged in. I spent hours on the deck of the Morning Star looking at the sunsets behind it. And now it will be no more

So much beauty lost


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

will much beauty be lost forever ?

I have always considered this picture one of my best SL captures. It is Winterfell Maldoror, just east of my home in Ebonshire.

Maldoror is a void (or openspace, as they are officially addressed). I have seen literally hundreds of these sims being born since the year began, giving people the opportunity to have their own private space away from drama and harassment, let creativity work and almost always giving birth to places of great beauty. I have seen thematic regions grow rapidly, adding new areas that I never tire to explore and look with amazement. It is incredible how much beauty and diversity people are able to create.

Today I have spent most of the time reading about the new policy that will probably kill forever these opportunities. People are angry, sad, crying. And I understand all of that.

What bothers me most is that feeling, that I am sure many have experienced, and that, despite wanting to be optimistic at all costs, so many time already in the past told me that things were changing. I felt it as school, in relationships, in workplaces. And now that same feeling in here in SL. I am already being told and reading about people leving SL. Some can be seen even here in the right colums among the blogs I read.

I feel sad today


the new policy on Openspaces

the new costs for void sims sound suicidal. LL is chopping the only growing part of SL

do they think they are going to fill Nautilus this way ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

too much SL ?

Today I was at a RL party (yes, I know ... I have strange habits).
The place was beautiful, on a hilltop overlooking the sea. At a certain point I knew that Orion was about to rise but it was dark by then and I did not know which direction. Istinctively I started looking left and right for the minimap to use as a compass ...

That is bad, is it not ? :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

guardian angels

Guardian Angel
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there are moments when one feels lonely, sad, lost, miserable. there are these moments ... no way to avoid them

yet, if you look carefully, these are the moments when you notice them most: they can look very different: rich and poor, wise and fools, nobles and commoners, princesses and clerics, humans and elfs, nekos and fairies, vampires and mermaids, shy and naughty

they act in very different ways: with a message or an email, a call or a smile, a comment, a pat on the shoulder or they offer their shoulder. They do not let you sink, they force you on your feet, they make you talk, they make you vent, they make you come out of your hideouts, and doing so you are lost no more

they are your guardian angels, and they care about you

Thursday, October 16, 2008


sail race

This is a "live" post: I am attending a sail race (as a spectator) in the Zinneman sim of the United Sailing Sims.
These boats are SOOOO fast ! The wind fills the spinnaker and pushes them faster and faster ! Just being here and watching is great fun!

sail race

I can't image the fun being in the race ! :))

sail race

have fun with a sail race !


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

milk wood

As it may be know to my few readers, I love to attend to in-world literary events, and especially to live readings.

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

I told before about the first reading of Aianna, that I consider the start of my serious dwelling in Second Life. Aianna has read in many in the past months: Faeria, Alurel, Winterfell ... and Milk Wood.

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

Milk Wood is an extraordinary institution: thanks to the commitment of Harriet Gausman, the soul behind the Guild of UK writers, almost every day it is possible to find event of the highest quality and entertainment: readings, poetry, novels, discussions, reviews, trivia. Milk Wood is based in the Scotland sims, Scotland Plarmigan and Scotland Inchlonaig, where there are reading areas, residential areas a merchant village dedicated to writers, all in a beautiful natural landscape.

Scotland Plarmigan

Milk Wood Market

I started attending Aianna's readings and more and more I became fond of other writers I learned to know there, talented people like Cora Hawker (fantastic horror and thrillers), Huckleberry Hax (master of virtual worlds novels), and Morgue McMillan (lovely poet), just to mention those I listened to several times, and apologizing to those I am forgetting.

Cora Hawker reading

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

I spend now 2-3 times per week at Mild Wood, thanks also to their European-friendly schedule and it is always with great pleasure.

Places like Mild Wood show once again the magic that can be found in SL.

Be well my friends, until the next time :)


Monday, October 13, 2008

the sailing paradise

I had read about it several times but I had never actually been there, except for a couple of TPs here and there. It is an area of over 125 sims all intended to enjoy the sailing experience.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

The region is called United Sailing Sims and it is made by several regions that have connected over time, like Sailors' Cove that connected at the beginning of the summer.
It is a fantastic area: open waters, islands, beaches, yacht clubs, race courses, different styles in the different regions. Everybody who likes marine landscapes is going to love it.

I left with Mykyl from Isla de Jacqinda, the headquarter of Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts, after having rezzed my Morning Star (a Trudeau Tradewind), and I headed north-west through newest canal opened there and in the direction of the beautiful Sailors Cove area.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

The pictures show the the beauty of the region. Different regions have different styles. Somewhere the feeling is tropical. In other places it reminds more of a New England scenery. There is a great feeling of freedom: even with the Draw Distance set at the maximum one can see unlimited water all around.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

Mykyl and I enjoyed the cruise very much (by the way: she was wearing a lovely swimsuit patterned with stars that Aurora had created for her). Unfortunately she had to leave to RL too soon and we were forced to dock.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

It was a beautiful trip: the region ensures hours and hours of fun. I still have to explore most of it, all the eastern and southern portions. By the way ... I have found out that sims that I know and I have visited in the past by TP'ing there, like Hollywood, or Nantucket are part of the region. I look forward to reach them by sea and to dock there!

Have fun with your own sailing


Sunday, October 12, 2008

an orchestra !

SL never ceases to amaze me.
Yesterday, at the Green sim I attended a classic concert played by the Fontana orchestra.

Fontana Orchestra

It was truly amazing. The feeling was that of being attending a RL concert, and after the concert ended I was unable to move for a few minutes trying to recapture the magic of the performance. Exactly like in RL.

Truly wonderful !

Fontana Orchestra

PHC in Nakji

PHC in Nakji
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the Faeria family was in Nakji tonight to listen to the weekly PHC show, dance, chat and have fun. It was beautifully hosted by Miss Alpha, who receives all my thanks :)

Next week PHC will be in Aianna's Alurel.

Friday, October 10, 2008

when george r.r. martin was in second life

I knew this event had taken place, GRRM in SL just before I started actively dwelling in Second Life, but I did not know there was a video. It is cool! I like the Tyrion avie ! :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

about elves, boats, mermaids and dragons

It started some days ago, when Aianna was setting up a system for rezzing boats available to everybody in her home sim of Alurel. It was a nice set of boats and I must get one of those for myself eventually. I have the name already : the Elven Star (that would be tautological, wouldn't it, since the elfs are the people of the stars :) )

I helped Aianna testing the system and we rezzed a boat and we started sailing around the Elven Lands. Shortly Mykyl joined us as well. I had been to the Elven Lands many times, but I had never systematically explored the continent, even because it has changed and expanded much lately. It is a wonderful land, full of beauty whether on the green ground or underwater or on the peaks of mountains.


I decided that a more systematic exploration was necessary, I found a wharf in the Faery Crossing sim near the eastern edge of the continent and I took the Morning Star in the fantasy land.

the green

Mykyl and I started out trip with the objective to reach at least Alurel for the first stage.

The Morning Star is a fantastic boat and I find great happiness driving her in the seas of SL, however some of the canals of the elven lands are too narrow and the waters too shallow for a tall ship and sailing was very difficult and time consuming at times, if not impossible at all (well, some cheating is always possible ;) )

Mermaid Home

I have some small boats, mostly freebies, some of them pretty nice, and I like use them sometimes, especially assisting a mermaid Mykyl during her underwater explorations :)

The underwater of the Elvens Lands is a wonderful place for mermaids. So many sims are open ocean, and while on the surface they look nothing significant, a quick glance under the surface shows creations of great beauty, cities, malls, nature, fishes, aquatic mammals ! Wonderful ! :)

Yet the small boats are never fully satisfactory: too much is the fun of having to deal with sails and the wind.

So, I went back to Isla de Jacqinda, the headquarter of Trudeau Classic Yachts, and I purchased a new smaller ship: the Star of Faeria

the Star of Faeria

The Star of Faeria is a small reliable Trudeau-32, a bit light in strong winds, but maneuverable and small enough to sail in the narrow canals.

I moved west from Alurel and I explored the many water sims that can be found there.
Among those sims, a very nice sub region can be found : the Green. It is a region of 8-9 sims with both land and water sims, home for elves and mermaids. I have explored it a few times, even unsuccessfully trying to take the Morning Star under some narrow bridges :-) and I have gone back some other times. There are some lovely landscapes: castles on mountain peaks and waterfalls dominate the view, and the local residents I met there are very warm and friendly.

the green

the green

Like in the old ancient maps, where at the extreme edges of the charted land one could find written "hic sunt dracones" (here are dragons), in the westernmost portion of the continent one can actually find dragons.

The Isle of Wyrms is another subcontinent wonderfully landscaped, with green mountains, lovely valleys and deep fjords.

Isle of Wyrms

But the Isle of Wyrms is mainly home to dragons. Beautiful and fantastic creatures walk the land and fly the sky of the many sims of the Isle, and it is not difficult to freeze there, open mouthed and to admire them.

hic sunt dracones

So much for my explorations of the fantasy continent, so far. Some portions are still uncharted to me and I look forward to learn more about them.

Be well my friends. Until the next time ...


Sunday, October 5, 2008

PHC at Wild Island

Faeria had its flagship event on the road for the first time yesterday when I hosted PHC near my campfire on Wild Island in Winterfell Ebonshire.

It was a good evening : Many people attended, even Alphonsus and Princess, who had been missed for long time, were there and danced beautifully for more than one hour.

PHC at Wild Island

Eva had Aianna cuddling her for most of the time and they were very sweet. Danielle came to visit for a while with a friend (and a friend of the friend later) and they alternated between dancing with us and exploring Ebonshire.

Alpha was nicely bratty and I must say that when she interacts with Alphonsus the fun rate is always very high. Must be something in the DNA of the Alphs :)

PHC at Wild Island

Mykyl and I keep dancing from out previous three hours at the Boobie Ball .. I must say that virtual partying may be as stressful as the RL one. This morning I wake up with a bad hangover and I spent most of the day napping :)

The show was great : it is the first live event of the new season and it was big fun.

Near the limit of my resistance FD and Lando showed up, and we all sat around the fire for the last chats. Despite the fact that Princess had already tired and logged off and we missed her it was a real feeling of a family : the Faeria family.

PHC at Wild Island

Faeria may have bene of the road but Faeria was neverthless.

Next week PHC will be hosted by Miss Alpha in Nakji

So long


Winterfell 2008 Boobie Ball

the Ball was a HUGE success. No other adjective is adequate to describe it. The ballroom was full of participants! I counted a peak of 65 avies and for a moment, between crashes :) , I was afraid to replicate the experience of the last Winter Solstice Ball when we fried the server and we all found ourselves at the edges of a big crater.

The donations summed to about 250k L that, once the matching were added, brought the equivalent total to about 2700 USD.

Miss Serra Anansi and Her Grace Eva Bellambi did a GREAT job in addition to their generosity in matching the donations andI can only congratulate the two of them and thank them deeply for all their efforts.

Winterfell 2008 Boobie Ball

Saturday, October 4, 2008

live from the ball

the Boobie Ball is being a huge success. People are still dancing and donation boards are being placed at other events. More than 220,000L have been donated so far (more than 2,500 USD including Serra's and Eva's matching) and I counted a top of 65 avies in the sim.

... and the number are still raising ...


events of the day

Today will be an intese day, because of two events taking place very close to each other.

From 12 to 2 SLT the Boobie Ball will take place in the new wonderfull Ballroom Miss Serra has built in Taure En Lor, Winterfell.

It is a fundraiser event related to Boobiethon in support to the fight against breast cancer.

the event is organized and sponsored by Miss Serra Anansi, Seneschelf of Winterfell and Her Grace Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Caledon Loch Avie. Both Serra and Eva will match the donations collected during the event, so each donation will actually count three times.

At 3 pm slt, just a few steps from the ballroom, across the Winterfell-Ebonshire border, at the campire of my own Wild Island, the Fearian exiles will join Mykyl for the first PHC to take place out of Faeria.

As Mykyl has mentioned in her blog, PHC will be hosted by the friends of Faeria for the following weeks. Next week will be Miss Alpha's turn in her Church of Perpetual Responsibility, Nakji and on two weeks Aianna will host theevent in her Fairy's Grove in Alurel.

PHC has always been THE event for Faeria and her friends, and I look forward to tonight's event. Being able to gather with friends and chat, and dance and listen to the familiar voices and musics of the show will remind all of us that Faeria is where we are, because it has been created by the hearts who have been charmed by Mykyl's dream.

Both events are important in their own way and I hope to see them packed.

Have a good week end


P.S. oh ... I forgot ... the dress code for the ball is: "Wear Pink if you like, and you may dance topless if you dare, in honor of the breasts and lives we are working to save" ;)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the bright star gallery

the Bright Star Gallery in Winterfell Laudanum, is under remodeling after the end of the Old Winterfell Memories Exhibit. I can't say that the exhibit was a great success, the traffic was fair but not great and very little were the images or the catalogs picked up, despite all being free.

Well, maybe I have to reconsider the organization of the gallery and the way I make it know :)

In the next days I'll go back to the classical display of sailships but there will also be a change.
I invited Great Mills to display some of his pictures in the gallery.
Great's gallery was one of the cornerstones of the Faeria village and Mykyl has always cared a lot about Great and his gallery. With Faeria closing down Great was temporarily without a display space and since I have always liked his pictures, I have invited him to be a guest in my gallery. I think that my (rare) visitors will like them as well

So long, my even more rare readers :)


in the Bright Star Gallery