Thursday, August 27, 2009

SL Sailing

I have seen better days ... *sigh*


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"the Lesser of Two Evils"

SL has not influenced my RL reading only with the Gor saga. In the past days I also read the Lesser of Two Evils, by Zoe Whitten.

More about The Lesser of Two Evils

I originally heard Zoe's avatar, Cora Hawker reading parts of her book live in SL, in that wonderful place that is Milkwood.

That was over one year ago, and since then she is missed very much, because she had quite a talent in reading and in characterizing the voices of the several people in the story.

But her writing talent is not smaller and I have been considering getting the book and reading the full story ever since. Finally, a few weeks ago I clicked the order from Amazon and I am now very happy to have read it.

It is a great book and the characters, all portraied in different shades of grey, are believable - even if supernatural plays a big part in the story - and easy to care for. In fact, I moved the follow-up, Trail of Madness, up the ladder of the books to read, to see what happens next ;)

More about Trail of Madness

If you like misteries and a bit of horror this is a fun book to read!



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Literary Gor

I did not know the gorean saga before joining Second Life. I started being aware of it exploring the different regions, noticing references to Gor, looking at the number of places selling silks, seeing people wearing collars and eventually meeting people that were living their SL experience within the Gorean culture.

In time I realized how large and important this part of SL is and how it goes far beyond the kinky aspects of it (see for instance the achievement of the Goreans for Life team in the recent RFL)

I became curious and I wanted to get to origin of this culture, so, in my latest order from amazon I added the first book of the Gorean Saga: Tarsman of Gor.

More about Tarnsman of Gor

Well ... I must say I was rather disappointed. The plot is flat and monodimensional, even silly sometimes (spoiler : the frustrated scholar from the New England that, after a few weeks of training becomes the Übermensch of Gor) and ultimately it looks like a cheap imitation of E.R. Burroughs' John Carter of Mars stories.

I understand that Gor and its culture are explored in much more depth in the following books of the series, where the more social aspects of Gor (expecially the master/slaves interactions) take over and the heroic fantasy part becomes less important. This first book was a disappointment though and I do not know if I will have the patience to explore more of the literary Gor.

We will see


Monday, August 17, 2009

Aurora Town

For almost two years Aurora Town has been my other home in Second Life, beside Winterfell. I found it during a couple of weeks while Miss Serra was restructuring Winterfell and I was temporarily homeless, and I have rented a house ever since.

The day I found it Lewis, the owner of the place, took me around for an hour to show me the place. It was a great customer service and it was difficult not to me hooked. In the following months I came to know Lewis' RL and SL wife, the sweet Lilliana (hard to say about someone that introduced herself as a vampire and tried to bite me the first time I met her, but she is sweet :)) ) and Lilliana's sister, Danielle who has become one of my very best friends.


Aurora Town was my base on mainland. It used to be cover almost all the sim of Fafnir, and part or Gorynich, in the Southern (Korean) continent. The southern continent is probably the less developed of the Linden land masses, but it was still a great area for exploration.
Aurora Town was on the Western arm of the continent while the lost paradise of Faeria, in the sim of Huin was in the eastern arm, so it was natural to explore across the sim from one place to the other many times, and even if neither place was on sea, more than once I started from one or the other side to explore the coast of the Korean canal, which is dividing the continent.

But probably the very best moments have been hundreds of games at the Greedy Greedy table that have become a popular place for so many of my friends. And it is also worth mentioning Aianna's bedtime stories that for many weeks have taken place with great success in the Aurora Town Tiny Village.

In the past months Aurora Town has seen some nasty neighbor drama (part of which was a quite interesting blog war. The posts of either sides have been removed as part of an armistice, but I think it is a pity because they made quite an interesting reading about social interactions in SL :) ). This is probably one of the reasons that convinced Lewis and Lilliana to abandon the old sims and to move to a new area in the landmass of Zindra (the adult continent)

It was a bit sad to see the old town on fire, as part of the moving process, and all the portions of the town going away one by one.

the Old Aurora Town on fire

the Old Aurora Town on fire

Anyway, the move is complete by now. The last cargo airships have left the old Town and have  docked in the new one, which covers in full the sim of Paceglen and partially Sporbus.

I know that I am going to miss Fafnir and the Southern continent, but the new Aurora Town looks nice and Lewis and Lilliana and Danielle put a lot of effort there and they deserve the best luck.

My house has moved into the new Aurora Town as well, and I have kept it, so, now I have a home in the adult continent. Oh well ... It might be interesting .. One never stop to learn after all   *grin*

So long


Thursday, August 6, 2009

one year of blogging!

wow !
I just wanted to enter a post about being in vacation and that being the reason for not blogging too much (the wireless internet connection I use is not always that stable, and anyway I much prefer to read then write in these days) when I realized that tomorrow , the 7th of August is the first anniversary of my first post. It started like a joke, just because all my friends were doing it, and it has been one year already ! And I even got readers ! *** laugh ***

And speaking of anniversaries, this is also my senconf annivesary of being a Winterfell resident! I rented my first little cottage from Miss Serra exactly two years ago.

And last, but not least, nex Saturday is my RL birthday, and a pretty significant one this year. But better forget that ! *** grin ***

Happy anniversaries to me ! :D