Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New 2010 "Official Portrait"

... to be used as profile icon across all the sites/networks I subscribe to

2010 Official Portrait

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Images from the clothing fair

And so the Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2010 has ended. It has been a great event and the organizers have done an awsome jobs. The sims creators put together some impressive work for this year theme : the fashion capitals ot the word. Here are some of the images I took: Milan, Rio, London, Melbourne, Paris, New Delhi, Tokio and New York, in the order.

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Rio de Janeiro Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - London Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Melbourne Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Paris Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - New Delhi Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Tokio Sim

RFL Clothing Fair - New York Sim

I love the fair. Despite the lag and the undeniable feeling of being overwhelmed I think it is worth to spend time there and share the experience of so many talented SL creators, both for what concerns the clothes and the sims.

And as a side note,  the following picture of mine won the 2010 Clothing Fair Photo Contest (Male)

RFL Clothing Fair Photo Contest

Upcoming RFL related events :

Home, Garden and Patio Expo - April 10th - 18th
Fantasy Faire 2010 – April 19th – 25th

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Images from the Winterfell Privateers Party

It was a funny event, with some great music from Miss Poppy and it was wonderful to see so many ships flying the Winterfell flag close to one another !

Winterfell Privateers Party

Winterfell Privateers Party

Winterfell Privateers Party


Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2010

And it is that time again ! The Second Life Relay for Life Season has started. And traditionally, the first big event of the season is the Clothing Fair.

This year the organizers have done an impressive job: the theme of the fair is the fashion capitals of the world.

Here are a few images of the first sim I visited: Milan. There is an impressive replica of the Galleria, and you can take my word for that. I do not live very far from the real thing ! ;)

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

I already know that I will end the week, much .. much poorer! 
But it is a good cause  :))

Primtings Photo Contest

The Primtings Museum is unique in SL. It was born to explore how traditional 2D art can be directly adapted to the virtual world of Second Life by different SL artists. Primtings presents innovations in virtual world avant-garde art with each exhibit adding more than just a new 3rd dimension, but often also interactivity, and interpretations only possible in the virtual world, as envisioned by a range of master new media artists.

The Museum is currently running a photo contest, hosted by koinup, having as a subject the museum itself and the art displayed there.

In the widget above it is possible to see the list of work entered so far, with some great interpretations.

The deadline of the contest has been estended to the 21st of March, so , there is still a lot of time to visit the museum and enter the contest.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the Winterfell Privateers party

Greetings All !

Mark your calendar

On Saturday the 13th , at 12 noon SLT you are invited on the ship Star of Winter, moored near the Nepenthe Gate, in Winterfell Absinthe, for two hours of seafaring entertainment, and to make you aware of the group of the Winterfell Privateers, a free association of independent owners of sailing vessels, residents or friends of Winterfell, who wish to sail and explore the Second Life seas, displaying the Winterfell flag under the official commission of Letters of Marque signed by the Lady Seneschelf.

the Star of Winter at the Nepenthe Gate

So, wear you best naval outfit, and join us for two hours of fun !

The soundtrack of the event will be takan care of by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some images from the Tradewinds Yacht Club Boat Builders Show

I am rather later blogging about this, since the event has closed by now, but I think it is still worth to give the people of the Tradewinds Yacht Club the due credit for being so much active in the sailing community.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The latest event that the YC organized was the Boat Builders Show, where many new or work in progress creations had the opportunity to be shown a a large audience.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The pivotal event of the show was surely the release of the opensource BWind engine by Becca Moulliez, a new sailing engine available for all to try.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The show has now ended. But a visit to the TYC is still worth, because these days they have on display the beautiful Schooner Ernestina, by RJ Kikuchiyo, which has already been the star of previous boat shows but it is always very nice to admire and visit, thanks to the exceptional detail of her >1600 prims (which also explains why it is so rare to see her rezzed)

the Schooner Ernestina moored at the Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex

Monday, March 1, 2010