Friday, July 24, 2009

Beek Haven is Gone

Today I have been reminded of how temporary things can be in SL. I wanted to check the Speculaas' shop so I tp'ed to Beek Haven. Upon arrival I found myself in a Hobo area. I tried again and it was the same. I searched the map and there was no Beek Haven. Wondering what had happened, I IM'ed Dutch Hoorenbeeck and I asked him what happened. He kindly replied immediately, even if he was not in world, and explained that the region was sold, cleared and moved to a different position on the grid.

This is a sad moment. Beek Haven was one of the major pirate areas in SL, a place where one could have a lot of fun roleplaying and fighting naval battles and it was greatly designed.

I did not spend a lot of time there but when I went it was always great. I had many times considered to get a docking space for one of my tall ships and now I am sorry I never did. Dutch created a lovely region and I took some great pictures there. At Beek Haven I learned to sail ships bigger and more difficult to drive, than the tako and went into my first naval battle.

I am going to miss this wonderful region.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Ralph Montcalm

As I mentioned in a previous post, some weeks ago I applyed for a role in the upcoming SL based comics book, The Quest for the Golden Prim, written and edited by the capable people of Prim Perfect and the Primgraph.

A few days later I was offered a major role, that of Ralph Montcalm, a pilot of the RCAF and a flying ace.

The adventures of Ralph will be discovered in due time on the pages of Prim Perfect, and, between issues, there will be crossovers in Ralph's own blog, and his Twitter and Plurk pages.

See you also there !


Monday, July 20, 2009

The New Babbage Expo in the RFL Sims

It is difficult to say that somebody topped all the others at an event like the Relay for Life , that was filled with passion and love. Yet the more I think about it the more I must say that when the people of New Babbage did was absolutely outstanding

So here are a few more pictures all dedicated to their World's Fair, based on the 1889 Exhibition Universelle in Paris

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

New Babbage at the RFL Sims

more images from the RFL sims

the RFL weekend is history and I think it was a great event. I was able to complete a full tour of all the track, despite RL taking most of the time away and I took some other pictures here and there. The lag of the place made it difficult to take good images, without having to wait for a lifetime for each image to rezz appropriately but some of them are still worth (IMHO) to be shared.

RFL sims_035

RFL sims_014

RFL sims_015

RFL sims_016

RFL sims_016

RFL sims_017

RFL sims_019

RFL sims_020

RFL sims_021

RFL sims_022

RFL sims_025

RFL sims_026

RFL sims_028

RFL sims_031

RFL sims_029

RFL sims_033

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the RFL weekend

This is the RFL weekend, the climax of what is probably the most important season in the SL year. Starting yesterday at 12STL all the team are running 24 hours of proper relay along a track measuring kilometers across an area of 39 sims.

I share here some pictures I took in the area. I invite all to go and visit and donate. It is something every Secondlifer should be proud of. More and 250,000 USD have been collected already.

I'd like to single out the constructions from the people of New Babbage. They are really impressive with their reproduction of the Universal Expo and their Mars area.

RFL sims_001

RFL sims_002

RFL sims_003

RFL sims_004

RFL sims_005

RFL sims_006

RFL sims_007

RFL sims_008

RFL sims_009

RFL sims_010

RFL sims_011

RFL sims_012

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the Bright Star Gallery Exhibit at the Serendipity Mall

A few weeks ago the kind Miss Treacle Darlandes invited me to display my sailships pictures at the beautiful Serendipity Mall. Yesterday I set it up and I think I am quite satisfied with the look. I have some of my sauliships photos there and a free copy of the gallery catalog to pick up. I thing I will figure out some other freefie in the next days.

The Mall is in a lovely Mediterranean sim and I invite all to visit. There will be a great event, next Sunday, the 12th July 2009 at 10am SL time, with live music, art shows and treasure hunts. The art display will stay for the two weeks following that event.

Come and visit and have fun !


the Exploring Star

A couple of pictures of my new SPD Discovery, named the Exploring Star, in daylight

Exploring Star

Exploring Star

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Ships

Actually it is rater silly that I keep buying ships. I am totally out of prims and I cannot even rezz the ones I already have. Star Port , since the disappearing of the facing sims, is almost a dead end. Sometimes I have fun rezzing the ships in the Bay of Mishra where the wonderful Miss Alpha alwaya hosts one or two of them (and used them as a backdrop for wonderful photoshots). And, of course, I can still rezz ships and boats for my explorations and I can cruise the Blake Sea and the Sailing Sims.

the Battlestar in the Blake Sea

But I guess I can't help. I love SL ships. I think they are among the finest accomplishments of SL builders and scripters.

A few days ago, I was attending a meeting. I recentely entered a fine initiative called "The Quest forthe Golden Prim". I will tell more about this in my next posts. It is something big and it is going to ... well ... still too early for that :)

Anyway, I was at a meeting where the applicants were briefed about the initiative, at the main office of Prim Perfect in Caledon Glengarry. As in many meetings where the discussion is typed, there were some moments of silence where nothing was happening, so I started camming around. After a while, while I was exploring the local coast I noticed a nice little schooner docked there. It was really cute and I looked for the creator. It turned out that the owner of the plot there, Chrisocolla Rau, was also the creator and the schooner itself - Excelsior 1.0 - was for sale at a booth nearby. It took and instant and I got it. Must have been the first time I buy a ship this way, while exploring with my camera :)

Anyway ... here is my new "Star of Ebonshire"

the Star of Ebonshire

the Star of Ebonshire

A couple of days after that I stumbled upon a post in the Swash Buccateer , where the great Chase Speculaas was outlining his new fighting system SPDIII. I prefer the exploration and I am not really into hard RP'ing, even if any new technological improvement makes me happy, but I was thrilled by the news of two new ships coming out in July (so be prepared for some new addition to the fleet :) ). Even if I do not partecipate in battles too much I still oove to see beautiful ships and to dsail them.

The post also mentioned a SPD model I had overlooked so far : the Discovery, a replica of an historical ship from the XVII century. I went to Beek Haven, to Chase Speculaas' shop, I had a quick look and another ship was in my inventory :) ... Introducing the Exploring Star.

the "Exploring Star" in the Bay of Mishra

The picture was taken in counterlight at sunset and it is rather dark , but I assure you that she is a fine little beauty.

Fair Winds for now ... Happy 4th of July


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still here ...

... just a bit busy in RL to find anything interesting to tell, but stay tuned ... something interesting is about to come ;)