Monday, April 30, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant : Lerochelle Destiny of De La Soul

De La Soul offers a wide range of fantasy themed products, ranging from clothing to skins. In particular the Ikon skins are made solely for the Fantasy Faire and will be available through to the end of the run in June at the main store and a few select outlets. All the Ikon skins at the Faire are in RFL vendor, so that all the earnings go to RFL.

Lerochelle Destiny, the owner of the brand tells me something about his creative story in SL: "I originally started creating skins and accessories in IMVU, then discovered Secondlife and started playing. At first, just manipulating a prim and it grew from a really crappy looking spiral chair to everything in De La Soul."

Lerochelle gets his inspiration from a wide variety of sources "It could be anything really, from music to a piece of artwork, but usually it is a pattern I find lodged somewhere in my computer, long forgotten." 
In particular, for what concerns the new line of skins he says  "The Ikon skins were a happy accident of applying the "wrong" filter in the right way when I sneezed. The happy accidents are the best ones I think because you end up with unexpected results."

Other items presented at the Fantasy faire are the Aurora Borealis Felidae Elvens, Violent Deamon, and Lerochelle's  first RFL creation, the RFL Kitty avatars.

In the image below, you can see yours truly , modeling one of the Ikon skins.

You can find De La Soul in the Shifting Sands sim at

Sunday, April 29, 2012

She did it again !

Druscilla Ferraris jailed again at the Fantasy Fair !
Will the strength of the Shire be enough to bail her out ?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant : Azriel Demain of FallnAngel Creations

FallenAngel Creations is a fascinating shop that is very true to its name giving a clear feeling of dark fantasy as soon as one looks at the vendors.

"Aesthetics of a darker nature have always been appealing to me, but on Second Life and in Real Life. I embrace the beauty in the macabre, and that shows in my art and my expression of self." tells me Azriel Demain (or Grell Sutcliff, as her current display name says).

Azriel joined SL in July of 2006, and she got involved pretty soon. Being unhappy about not being able to find the sort of outfits she wanted to wear, a week after joining she began creating! She made her first outfit, and FallnAngel Creations was born!

Both her outfits and her own shop display her taste, dark for sure, but always showing good taste and elegance.

At the Faire FallenAngel Creations presents a six exclusive creations created for this occasion and available in RFL Vendors

You can see me in the image above, modelling the one called FallnOwlOutfitFFExclusive.
The others are FallnOwlGownFFExclusive (the female version), FallnAzlynSilksFFExclusive,
FallnSanakaDressFFExclusiveFallnMianoaRobesFireFFExclusive and FallnMianoaRobesIceFFExclusive

You can find FallenAngel Creatins at the Fantasy Faire in the Nu Orne sim, at

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Elicio Ember of Cerridwen's Cauldron

What can we say of Elicio ? Among a group of extraordinary creators exhibiting at the Fantasy Faire 2012, Elicio is special, because he’s not just an exhibitor. He designed two of the sims - of this year’s Faire : The Lost City of Nu Orne and Siren's Secret.

Elicio is an artist. No doubt about that. And he is a gamer, and he is also an elf, a legacy he carries from his days before Second Life, when he was playing World of Warcraft. Being an elf means much to him, not just choosing a race to play in a game, but making a choice of being someone in sync with nature. Sometimes even his friends in RL call him "Master Elf".

When Elicio, a painter in RL, discovered SL, he immediately realized the creativity potential of the platform. He spent more than a year learning to build, sculpt and script with the objective to create landscapes, "paintings" people could walk into and interact with.

Elicio’s work can be seen at his shop, Cerridwen's Cauldron, both at the Fantasy Faire and at his main site, a stunning building suspended in the sky that make one think of a shining jewel.
The name of the shop is inspired by Welsh Mythology. Cerridwen is a sorceress goddess of poetry and magic. Her Cauldron was the Cauldron of Poetic Inspiration. Through this Cauldron Cerridwen’s apprentice, Gwion, accidentally acquired the gift of Wisdom and Poetic Inspiration. Gwion was later known as Taliensin, the legendary bard. 

Elicio decided to name his venue after the cauldron as an homage to ancient lore and legends. Cerridwen's Cauldron specializes in fantasy flora, much of which is scripted and interactive. This flora is sometimes so alien looking it can easily fit into either a Fantasy or Sci-Fi setting. Elicio also enjoy designing fantasy architecture. If you visit his main shop floating in sky or visit the land at ground level you get much of the feelings you experience in The Lost City of Nu Orne and in Siren's Secret.

Elicio designed both the landscape and the buildings of the two sims he made for the Faire. The buildings are not yet retail ready, though they will be as soon as some necessary modifications are done. He also made several plant and landscaping sets, such as the Cliff-Cracker Fig, a tree designed for walls and edges, and the Hydra Anemone which has entrancing animated tentacles. Specifically in RFL vendors Elicio made the Bull Kelp set, inspired in RL Bull-Kelp, used for the Siren's Secret and the Eerie Beat Jelly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Changhigh Trinity Sisters for Operation Smile

Relay for Life (and the Fantasy Faire this week) are surely in the spotlight of the SL season, but there are also other worthy initiatives going on.

A few days ago, the Changhigh Trinity Sisters and Cypress Rosewood held two shows for Operation Smile in the spectacular amphitheater of the University of Western Australia sims.

The show was spectacular as usual, with the sister always adding some new animation or light effect each time.

Here is the full slideshow of the event

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Inish Karu of Oran

A green haired pirate : is that fantasy enough?

It surely is when Inish Karu, the owner of Oran, is involved. Inish is not alien to fantasy themes. After all she started in 2007 as a green haired elven mer sword fighter: Now ships and flintlocks have been added to that and piracy has become her first nature.
You may remember last year’s Faire when you were visiting the sims in a relaxed mood and suddenly you jumped when an otherwise silent tree trunk started to greet you. That was Inish’ doing. 

“Second Life be an incredible adventure  fer me  life. It be a privilege an’ an honour to be part o’ it on this sceptered isle. Being this person—Inish Karu—well, it be teachin’ me many things. I be havin’ so many wonderful memories and so many good mates!", Inish tells us.

Relay for life is something Inish throws herself into every year, in whatever way she can.  Inish and I are in the same RFL team, so I know how much this lady has done and is still doing for Relay for Life.

Inish' shop is Oran, but this year Inish' presence at the faire is less about the shop and more about the Ocean Realms sims, her home, wanting to open the doors to those who may be looking for something a bit different from their usual second life 
Inish has have free clothes and information about the sims where you can be pirate, mer, lady, gent or navy.

Everything in the shop at the Faire is in RFL vendors, so the 100% of her sales at the faire will go to RFL. The items in the vendors are quite nice and they include  a 10L$ lucky dip, where you can find items to complement her lovely pirate bar.

Other items include a corner writing desk (made by Betty Radmussen), a reading chair with poses, and a washtub and washboard animated with soap giver

Inish' shop is in the Devils Locket sim, at

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Druscilla Ferraris of Druscilla's Whim

The official 2012 RFL Fantasy Ferret. That’s how Druscilla Ferraris of Druscilla's Whim describes herself. And she surely is, since no other tiny ferret has been spotted at the Fantasy Faire so far.

Yes, because Miss Druscilla of Druscilla’s Whim is a tiny, a cute tiny ferret, and her shop, that she shares with fellow tinies Clover Dezno of Totally Tinies and Xavian Starsider of Stuff Xavian Made can be considered a tiny embassy at the Faire.

Miss Druscilla is not a newbie to the Faire. Last year her shop was the center of many activities, and there was even a little incident that caused her to end up in jail . But she paid her debt and she’s here again with a great lineup of exciting products in her vendors or offered as auction items, such as large and small (for tinies and biggies alike) windchimes and a lovely musketeer costume, that you can see here, modelled by my tiny self.

Miss Dru is also specialized in snacks and you can easily identify several vending machines when you visit her shop.

Beside Miss Dru’s own objects her fellow tiny partners in the shop also present an interesting selection of items. Clover Denzo of Totally Tinies has RFL vendor with Summer Plaid for both boys and girls and a Stormy Day outfit.

The product offered by Xavian Starsider of Stuff Xavian Made are steel drum, both in tiny and biggie size.

Miss Druscilla and friends' shop at the Faire is located in the Jungle Bungle sim at 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the Surreal Settings of Pose Fair 2012

Apart from the wonderful work from many talented animators, this year's Pose Fair has a pretty interesting style.

the surreal setting of Pose Fair 2012

the surreal setting of Pose Fair 2012

the surreal setting of Pose Fair 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today the the 100 years anniversary of the day the Titanic left for its maiden and last voyage.
Here are a few photos I took a few weeks ago in several grids for last week's Designing Worlds show.

Titanic in Second Life

Titanic in Inworldz

Titanic in OSGrid

Titanic in Kitely

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Images from the Rezzday Party

... with many thanks to Miss Gabi who volunteer to DJ and set up the decorations !

5th Rezzday Party

5th Rezzday Party

5th Rezzday Party

5th Rezzday Party

5th Rezzday Party