Monday, December 17, 2012

the Avi Choice Awards

The Avi Choice Awards Ceremony has been great fun. Totally laggy and with a lot of people who could not enter the main structure due to the need to reserve space for those directly involved in the Awards, but still it was a thrilling event, past paced and full of emotions.

Avi Choice Awards Ceremony

Many of the nominees I backed did not make it and that was disappointing, but I guess it is part of the fun. The Prim Perfect  getting the Award was a great satisfaction though.

Avi Choice Awards Ceremony

My feeling is that this year the Awards have grown to full maturity and have become something for which the grid does care. Some category I would drop, some others I would add, but I can't deny that I already look forward the the 2013 edition (the Mayans permitting :-) )

Avi Choice Awards Ceremony

Avi Choice Awards Ceremony

Friday, December 14, 2012

UPDATE : AVI Choice Awards postponed

Due to the tragic events today in Connecticut, the Avie Choice Awards are being postponed. Tentative date is Sunday the 16th at 10 am slt

Thursday, December 13, 2012

the Ballroom of Wild Castle

the Ballroom of Wild Castle

the Prim Perfect Talks at the Christmas Expo

Following a tradition spanning several major events during the SL year, Prim Perfect has once again organized a series a talks with builders and creators during the Christmas Expo at their beautiful pavillion located in the Xmas Expo 4 sim.

From Christmas Expo 2012

The talks take place at 3 and 5 pm slt and here is the agenda for the remaining days of the Expo

Thursday, December 13th3pmCallie ClineBusiness in Second LifeSaffia Widdershins
5pmDeeAnne DufauxBuilder’s Brewery and Park PlaceCinders Vale
Friday, December 14th Happy Hunting!3pmHappy Hunting! show (with an interview from the Expo, and the final episode in this season of The Blackened Mirror)
Saturday, December 15th3pmCandy Cerveau and Malkavyn EldritchStrangelingsCinders Vale
5pmMal Burns & Tara Yeats TV in the MetaverseSaffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 16th3pmHeavenly Villa & Bill KayeCentre for Business DevelopmentSaffia Widdershins
5pmAGrid Aftermath/Cytherion RevnikYumis and GamesCinders Vale
Monday, December 17th3pmHonour MacmillanBlogging Second LifeSaffia Widdershins
5pmMaxwell Graf, Kriss Lehrmann and Loz HydeMore about Mesh!Saffia Widdershins
Tuesday, December 18thSaffia3pmEdward PearseChristmas TraditionsSaffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 19th3pmPARTY!!!DJ’d by Victor Mornington

From Christmas Expo 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taking the new "Star of Winterfell" out to sea

Testing the new ship in Winterfell waters before the coming of the ice restricts navigation and then taking the ship into the Blake Sea, where I also met a sister ship

Sailing Around Winterfell 

Sailing Around Winterfell 

Sailing in the Blake Sea 

Sailing in the Blake Sea

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Relay For Life of Inworldz is under way

The 12 hours relay is going on from 12pm PDT to 12 AM PDT of Sat November the 3rd


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Burn2 2012 Slideshow

Happy Anniversary Winterfell !

These are the days of the 6th Anniversary of Winterfell. (different historians place the actual date either on the 31st of October of the 1st of November). We can claim Winterfell was born on the night of Halloween

These are the images of the party that took place yesterday in a building build by Princess Selena and that was inspired by the original Winterfell Castle.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today is the day Relay For Life of InWorlds kicks off

The stunning asteroid field where the kick off stage has been set up

RFL of InWorldz Kickoff Area


Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

the New Admiralty in Eventide

WIld Fleet Admirality - Winterfell Eventide

It is almost one year since the Battle of the Isle of Skye, an event that, despite the victorious outcome,  saw the fleet deeply depleted and weakened.

The recent tragic events that brought to the loss of the Empire of Steeltopia, one of the jewels of the Steamlands, caused me further concern, and I worried about the capacity to sustain a surprise attack.

Winterfell has always been a peaceful land and we all wish it to stay that way, but the past experiences and the present news have taught us that sometimes others do not share and respect this wish.

I have therefore decided to reinforce the naval base in Winterfell Eventide, adding new ships to the Home Squadron and building a new Admiralty site to better coordinate the naval operations in the unfortunate event that the necessity should arise.

WIld Fleet Admirality - Winterfell Eventide

An official opening event of the Admiralty will be announced soon.

Fair Winds!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slideshow of the Home and Garden Expo

I have been late, because of RL commitments, and then my internet misbehaved preventing me to take good pictures, but at the end I was able to put together a slideshow for this year's edition of the Home and Garden Expo

Here it is :

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fantasy Faire: the Slideshow

Final Post about the Fantasy Faire with the slideshow of the event

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant : Lerochelle Destiny of De La Soul

De La Soul offers a wide range of fantasy themed products, ranging from clothing to skins. In particular the Ikon skins are made solely for the Fantasy Faire and will be available through to the end of the run in June at the main store and a few select outlets. All the Ikon skins at the Faire are in RFL vendor, so that all the earnings go to RFL.

Lerochelle Destiny, the owner of the brand tells me something about his creative story in SL: "I originally started creating skins and accessories in IMVU, then discovered Secondlife and started playing. At first, just manipulating a prim and it grew from a really crappy looking spiral chair to everything in De La Soul."

Lerochelle gets his inspiration from a wide variety of sources "It could be anything really, from music to a piece of artwork, but usually it is a pattern I find lodged somewhere in my computer, long forgotten." 
In particular, for what concerns the new line of skins he says  "The Ikon skins were a happy accident of applying the "wrong" filter in the right way when I sneezed. The happy accidents are the best ones I think because you end up with unexpected results."

Other items presented at the Fantasy faire are the Aurora Borealis Felidae Elvens, Violent Deamon, and Lerochelle's  first RFL creation, the RFL Kitty avatars.

In the image below, you can see yours truly , modeling one of the Ikon skins.

You can find De La Soul in the Shifting Sands sim at