Thursday, July 5, 2012

the New Admiralty in Eventide

WIld Fleet Admirality - Winterfell Eventide

It is almost one year since the Battle of the Isle of Skye, an event that, despite the victorious outcome,  saw the fleet deeply depleted and weakened.

The recent tragic events that brought to the loss of the Empire of Steeltopia, one of the jewels of the Steamlands, caused me further concern, and I worried about the capacity to sustain a surprise attack.

Winterfell has always been a peaceful land and we all wish it to stay that way, but the past experiences and the present news have taught us that sometimes others do not share and respect this wish.

I have therefore decided to reinforce the naval base in Winterfell Eventide, adding new ships to the Home Squadron and building a new Admiralty site to better coordinate the naval operations in the unfortunate event that the necessity should arise.

WIld Fleet Admirality - Winterfell Eventide

An official opening event of the Admiralty will be announced soon.

Fair Winds!

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