Sunday, September 28, 2014

H&G Expo Featured Merchants

I usually register as a blogger to most major mega events in order to have a head start for my photography campaign. This usually mean that there are merchants that send me evaluation boxes, for me to review them on my blog. This is not what I usually do, even if I have made exception from time to time. It happened again this year with the Home and Garden Expo 2014. Some merchants contacted me and sent me evaluation boxes. Even though I did not really had the time to do the evaluation, it felt wrong to ignore those that had trusted me enough to share their creations with me, so I decided to dedicate to them a mini-photo gallery about their plots at the expo.

Here they are , in no particular order ...

DaD Design

Lok's Low Prim Furniture

Serenity Style

Robin Soujourner Wood


Glas Houses