Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tamra Sands, Birthdays and Magic

I won't spend too many words about Tamra Sands' (Tamra Hayden) RL career as a Broadway star. She has been very well introduced by others, like Hamlet Au, in the past weeks, and I could not do any better

But what I can do is suggest to catch any opportunity to listen in person to this wonderful lady who is sharing her singing talent to all of us in SL

I listened to Tamra almost by chance at the Fantasy Faire last Thursday and it was a beautiful and emotional hour. I followed her show the day after at the Broadway Live Island and it was even better. I could not help but to also attend her performance at R.O.F. on Saturday

Tamra Sands at Broadway Live island

The last week end was full of frustration in SL with all the network problems that spoiled so many events that had been organized for weeks (for instance a big grid-wide crash spoiled both the weekly gathering of the Faerians for PHC and the Winterfell stage of the Grand Tour for RFL on Saturday), but despite all how can one not love a technology that allow people to live such magical moments ?

Happy Birthday Second Life ! Thank you for everything !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the Fantasy Faire

As mentioned in my previous post I am spending most of my SL time this week exploring the Fantasy Faire. I like fairs: they assemble and show the talent of so many creators in the same place and I love to admire those works. Sure ... these places are very dangerous for one's lindens balance ;) but after all they are usually RFL related (at least in this season) and so one is excused to spend a lot. After all it is for a good cause ! :)

My personal policy is to buy only from RFL vendors at the fair, and then I assemble a directory of Landmarks of shops where I saw something I am very interested in . I visit these places in the following weeks with the rule of no more than one major purchase per week. A bit of discipline must be maintained ;) After all I have no SL income and what I spend in on my entertainment budget :)

The fair is made by 9 sims. A central stage for events (I am at a wonderful concert of Tamra Sands as I blog) and 8 surrounding sims covering several themes all related to the fantasy concept, ranging from those very well rooted in SL culture, like nekos, to classical SF.

Most booths are relative to clothing, which is, of course, the favorite shopping item for most, but there are some lovely gadgets to be found and I am always stunned by the beauty of Woodshed furniture!

Monday, the opening day, I was at the show that opened the fair: it was great. The level of visual quality certain shows have achieved in SL is incredible and the show of the Trinity Sisters was absolutely over the top !

Fantasy Faire_007

Fantasy Faire_002

Winterfell has a booth at the fair. It quite a lovely booth and it succeeds in transmitting the beauty of the place, with a lovely little castle built by Miss Serra and the latest trees by Miss
Uni, some nice scenery and a few pictures by yours truly :) Both the castle and the trees are available from RFL vendors.

Winterfell Booth at the Fantasy Faire

I still have to visit a couple of sims, but I can say that I am well satisfied with the fair. I even took the lovely Princess Ivory around one evening and I tempted her into buying a new gown. She is also set to come back to get more of the outfist I pointed out to her :)

Other events are coming next week: SL6B, of course, with all the discussions this event carries every year (where is Shakespeare ?!), the Midsummer RFL Grand Tour during the weekend, and the Hair Fair just to mention a few. I don't plan to spend as much time and money as I did at the Fantasy Faire but it might be interesting nevertheless. I so seldom find hairstyles I like, and usually no more than a style per brand, so I am curious to see what the creators have to offer

Stay tuned :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is an interesting weekend, pivotal among several interesting events.
There is a Fashion Expo that ends tomorrow and that it is yeat another event tied to the worthy cause of RFL. I have not visited much of it yet, but it looks interesting, even if, as usual, much more slanted toward female fashion. I'll try to see mote anyway between today and tomorrow.

The Land Expo is going on. There are some interesting exhibit and talks to follow, about the way people make their best use of the SL potential. I attended a presentation about the Second Life Shakespeare Company and the Shakespeare sims and it was very interesting. A pity time is short to follow everything.

Ina Centaur's Talk at the Land Expo

Nest week will be covered by the Fantasy Faire. Sounds like a big and very interesting event and I look forward. My hours have shifted back toward a more regular European time lately but this means I am missing a lot of events more oriented for the American residents, and my evenings in SL have been rather lonely. I look forward to a full time event that possibly cover also my time online :)

Many other events will take place in the weekend, many of them RFL related: in Sailors Cove and New Babbage, just to mention a couple I am aware of. No excuse for a bit of charity :)

More reports to come (if lazyness allows it ;) )

So long


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drawing Day 2009

Next Saturday, the 6th of June, it will be Drawing Day 09
As last year, there will be a SL version of the event, sponsored by sLiterary
Drawing Day is an international event where everyone around the world takes the day to DRAW -- and, if you're a purist... you do nothing but draw for the entire day.  This year, the global effort hopes to reach the goal of 1 million drawings worldwide to art-in-lieu-of-shout: "art for the sake
of art!"

On Drawing Day June 6 at midnight SL Time, the always amazing Ina Centaur will be starting a 24 hour drawing vigil.  You can join her and other drawing enthusiasts on this
marathon by drawing and uploading your works for display inworld. A special gallery inworld has been setup where you may display your pieces drawn on this special day pro bono:

On Friday Night, the Drawing Day 2008 Gallery will grand-finale into the Drawing Day 2009 Gallery! 
So, between now and then is your LAST chance to see the 2008 gallery, and the hundreds of artwork drawn by SL residents on the world's first drawing day last year! LM attached! or Search > Places > Drawing Day

Visit the place, get into the drawing marathon and have fun ! :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the second birthday of Radio Riel

yesterday, the first of June, Radio Riel celebrated its second anniversary with a 24 hours event at the Clarendon, in New Babbage.

I love Radio Riel. It provides hours and hours of great music and entertainment. I was lucky that this is a long weekend in Italy, so I had the day off and I could spend a lot of time in SL and at the celebration in particular. I got there almost at the beginning and I was able to stay, with some RL interruptions, for most of the next 16 hours.

Radio Riel 2nd Birthday

Many thanks to the people who provided - and still provide every day - a great amount of fun and entertainment. Her Grace Gabrielle Riel in primis, but also all the other skilled presenters and announcers and hosts that are part of the staff. RR has become part of the soundtrack of my day and it is there to stay.

Radio Riel 2nd Birthday

Stay tuned :D


Monday, June 1, 2009

Light Dance

Team Relay for Hope organized a two days Music Fest during the past week end, in support of their fund raising for the 2009 Relay for Life campaign.

It was a nice weekend of music with many talented people offering their time and their music for this great cause.

I attended a few show and I was particulraly stunned by the Light Dance by Cellandra Zon. I had already attended her show some time ago but because of lag and textures rezzing late I had been unable to fully enjoy it!

Light Dance

The show was absolutely fantastic ! 
I have been looking at my screen breathless for the entire duration of it !

I took some picture of the show but they fall so very short of transmitting the feeling

Light Dance

The dance is very dynamic the the sinergy between images and music is perfect. No statuc picture will ever be able to capture the mood of the moment !

Light Dance

So, if you ever have the opportunity to see Cellandra dancing, grab it! You won't regret it .

Have fun !


Light Dance