Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is an interesting weekend, pivotal among several interesting events.
There is a Fashion Expo that ends tomorrow and that it is yeat another event tied to the worthy cause of RFL. I have not visited much of it yet, but it looks interesting, even if, as usual, much more slanted toward female fashion. I'll try to see mote anyway between today and tomorrow.

The Land Expo is going on. There are some interesting exhibit and talks to follow, about the way people make their best use of the SL potential. I attended a presentation about the Second Life Shakespeare Company and the Shakespeare sims and it was very interesting. A pity time is short to follow everything.

Ina Centaur's Talk at the Land Expo

Nest week will be covered by the Fantasy Faire. Sounds like a big and very interesting event and I look forward. My hours have shifted back toward a more regular European time lately but this means I am missing a lot of events more oriented for the American residents, and my evenings in SL have been rather lonely. I look forward to a full time event that possibly cover also my time online :)

Many other events will take place in the weekend, many of them RFL related: in Sailors Cove and New Babbage, just to mention a couple I am aware of. No excuse for a bit of charity :)

More reports to come (if lazyness allows it ;) )

So long


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