Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tamra Sands, Birthdays and Magic

I won't spend too many words about Tamra Sands' (Tamra Hayden) RL career as a Broadway star. She has been very well introduced by others, like Hamlet Au, in the past weeks, and I could not do any better

But what I can do is suggest to catch any opportunity to listen in person to this wonderful lady who is sharing her singing talent to all of us in SL

I listened to Tamra almost by chance at the Fantasy Faire last Thursday and it was a beautiful and emotional hour. I followed her show the day after at the Broadway Live Island and it was even better. I could not help but to also attend her performance at R.O.F. on Saturday

Tamra Sands at Broadway Live island

The last week end was full of frustration in SL with all the network problems that spoiled so many events that had been organized for weeks (for instance a big grid-wide crash spoiled both the weekly gathering of the Faerians for PHC and the Winterfell stage of the Grand Tour for RFL on Saturday), but despite all how can one not love a technology that allow people to live such magical moments ?

Happy Birthday Second Life ! Thank you for everything !

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