Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live from the Bashful Peacock in Caledon Wellsian

... celebrating the knighting in Caledon of Dame Kitalette Kelley and Sir Pouldry Peccable

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rebel Hope copied ...

I have always like Rebel Hope (I am particularly crazy about Woodshed furniture) and I was kind of shocked reading this thread.

Not sure what it is possible to do except spread the news ...

really sad


Update :
1) looks like Rebel Hope has protected her plurks so the thread linked above no longer works
2) I have been told the Lindens deleted all the copied content from SL

Visit Step Up!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

yes .. yes .. I am still here ...

... even if I have not blogged that much.
The last couple of weeks have been busy ... I attended two weddings: a couple of dear friends who took me away from home for a few days and a relative, which was close but took some time away anyway.

In the meanwhile the Beaumont Sea is shaping in a way I like. I love the ships to be out there in full display, including the too often forgotten in the inventory, the Star of Christmas!

Lighthouse and Fleet

The only issue is that there are not enough prims forkeeping all the ships out, so I am already tempted to enlarge the sea ;)

Well .. we will see :)

Today is the International Talk like a Pirate Day and SL is celebrating it in many places, including Winterfell, with a party starting at 2 SLT. Not to forget the wonderful Radio Riel, which will be streaming pirate and seafaring music all day long on its main channel.

At 3, I will host this week's gathering of the friends of Faeria on the Star of Christmas for the usual listening to the Prairie Home Companion, a dancing oriented show this week. It will be the first event in the Beaumont Sea. I hope we won't fry the homestead :)

Now shut down the browser and join us in SL if you are reading this before 5 pm SL of Sat the 19th ;)

Have fun !

Arrrrrr !!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

the Beaumont Sea

Well, I needed a place to keep my ships out of the inventory, so I got una quarter of the new Winterfell Eventide sim, a homestead (there was a Winterfell Eventide before the openspaces disaster, so I am just happy it is back).

the Wild Fleet in the Beaumont Sea

I am keeping it all water, since it purpose is to have the ships floating there. Miss Serra called it the Beaumont Sea when she cut the plot, and I think the name sounds well. :)

I still have to rotate the ships because the prims are not enough to keep them all out, but it is better than before

The Wild Fleet has a home :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

"the Quest for the Golden Prim" podcast

Last Saturday the great people of Prim Perfect, together with the not less great people of Radio Riel released the brand new podcast related to the production of the Quest. In this edition Gabrielle Riel interviews Saffia Widdershins and PJ Trenton about the making of the Quest. There are also a couple of audio drama moments from the story itself , and in one scene yours truly plays the part of Ralph speaking a couple of lines.

I was rather worried, not being a native English speaker, but the lines were short enough not to cause any major damage to the production :)

I have been told I sound Irish ! *** scratches his head in disbelief ***

You can find the link to the podcast here.

Have fun !