Thursday, April 23, 2009

the Linden Memorial Park

Today I have visited the Linden Memorial Park. It is a beautiful place and it deserves a visit. Last year I went to the day of remembrance that took place in the sims of Big Easy and Biloxy. I had planted a flower there,  in memory of Jewel and so I was happy to see that they had moved the same garden into the new park and that my flower was still there. I planted a new flower to remember Sylva. Unfortunately they let you place only one flower for garden area so I could not place them close to each other, but I think it is not that importat. They are close anyway.

It is nice that there is a place where our friends who have left are remembered. It is bittersweet to be there but I felt good.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful - III

Another set of my favorite places and images (part 3)

Sternsberg: the proof that great places can be built on mainland (Morkeleb and Xenosaur sims)

Germania Seagull

Virtual Africa

Sailors Cove

Skin City

Black Spot

the SL Globe Theater @ Shakespeare

the SL Blackfriars Theater

Enough for today

See you next time :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo Session @ Orange Island

Tomorrow - Thu 16th at 12:00 pm SLT - I have been invited at the weekly photo session at orange island, to talk about the photo contest related to the currently running performances of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night , by the Second Life Shakespeare Company.

A great opportunity to know more about this rich contest (100,000 L$ of prices overall) related to this wonderful production, surely among the best events one can find in SL.


Beautiful - II

A new set of my favorite places and images (part 2)

the Zurich Opera House

the Molaskey's Pub



Milkwood and the Scotland sims

Part 3 will follow ...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful - I

A selection of images from my preferred places in SL (part 1)

Caledon Oxbridge

Elven Lands

Beek Haven

Bay City


Aurora Town


Isla de Jacqinda

Provence Coeur

Aquitaine Coeur

Monday, April 6, 2009

the party

the party was a great fun ! Many friend came to visit and we were there for four hours, and maybe could have been more were it not late for me forcing me to say good night.

Images from the rezzday party

A big , huge, thank you to Gabrielle Riel, who kept playing music even after the official party time had ended and created a truly magical atmosphere with the soundtrack she prepared.

And of course my thanks to all who came. Thank you my friends. 


Images from the rezzday party

Images from the rezzday party

Images from the rezzday party

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

From Corsica to Gaeta

A couple of days ago I sailed the second stage of my tour of the Corsica continent. But instead of limiting to just Corsica I exploited the canal linking Corsica to Gaeta V and I crossed into the other landmass. The trip was smooth enough, apart from a couple of difficult sim crossings (without crashing though) and a minor issue in the Shipstone sim where the water was too shallow and some bridges did not open the way they were upposed to. But in the end the southermost route was open and I was able to go around the obstacles that way.

AuroraSkye kept me company for most of the trip and it was fun to have a shipmate. She was wearing a pirate gown of her own making she had been working on in the previous 30 hours (working all the night !) and was just finishing

And here are a few other images from the trip :

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

before leaving, still on the beach of Elsewhere in Majipoor

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

Sailing out of the Elsewhere Harbor

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

Just east of Majipoor in the sim of Starship there are some nice airships docked in the air above the beach

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

Some nice views of the southern coast of Corsica

Sailing from Corsica to Gaeta

In the canal connecting Corsica to Gaeta

Unfortunately the sailing in Gaeta was not easy - I entered an inland canal and I found myself in shallow waters - so I did not take pictures. I will have to take a few ones before starting the next time.

I do not expect difficulties circumnavigating Corsica, so I think I will be able to fully go around it with the next stage. The Lindens surrounded the landmass with a couple of sims of open water so I do not expect tricky points. I assume this is the new standard for the new continents in order to make sailing easier, after their agreement with the Sailing Sims.

I'll let you know the next time

Until then ... ;)