Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

As the sun is setting on the old year, I wish everybody a Happy 2010.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some redeployments in the fleet

Some of the ships of the Wild Fleet have moved to different ports in the last days.

It started when Giz asked me for some naval support at the new Lost Lagoon of Hematite Island.

I moved the Star of Winter there and I think she is contributing to the beauty of the place.

the Star of Winter at Hematite Island

Then , the Hunting Star finally came back to the Beaumont Sea after a long cruise of almost two monts who took her to the celebrations of the Fleet Week and in the northern waters of mainland.

the Hunting Star back to the Beaumont Sea

And last but not least, the ships of Task Group 2.2 ( *grin* ), the Fighting Star and the Exploring Star, usually patrolling the high seas are now in the Bay of Mishra for some resupply, graciously hosted by Miss Alpha.

the Fighting Star and the Exploring Star in the Bay of Mishra

So long


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tinies Caroling

Tinies Caroling

I think that a group of tinies singing their own version of the Chrismas Carols is something nobody should miss !

Tinies Caroling

Monday, December 21, 2009

the Christmas Ball at Wild Castle

The ball was great fun mainly thanks to Miss Snook's wonderful musical program.

Happy Holidays to all !

 Christmas Party at Wild Castle

Christmas Party at Wild Castle

Christmas Party at Wild Castle

Christmas Party at Wild Castle

Christmas Party at Wild Castle

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

White exhibit at the Bright Star Gallery

In order to celebrate the season, I set up an exhibit of First and Second life images with the common theme of the snow, at the Bright Star Gallery in Winterfell Laudanum.

Enjoy :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

the day the Beaumont Sea froze

the are some great pictures being posted for the Winter Fell Photo Contest, and I invite all to have a look and even join and enter your work.  Today this image appeared, by Anuneo, and I find it particularly nice, having captured my ships in a beautiful winter scenery.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a visit to Wild Castle

I have started building a castle rather soon in my SL experience and I have almost always thrown them away after a few days or weeks.
Wild Castle must be my fourth or fifth attempt. It did not start seriously and grew very slowly. I think I laid down the first prims over a year ago. For many months I kept the prims there always ready to delete them should any need arise. And once or twice per month I went there fixing a prim here and changing a texture there.

And after a while I realized that the castle had taken shape and I had began to like it and I was ruling out the idea to delete it any time soon.

a visit to Wild Castle

The castle is up in the sky, 3000m above Winterfell Ebonshire. Not because of any particular privacy concerns but because I like Ebonshire as it was originally intended by Miss Serra, a place of forests and small cottages.

It is not as "beautiful" or elegant as many other castles you can find in SL but I like the solid look it has when looked from the outside, while I have worked (and I am still working) more indoor where elegance is concerned.

a visit to Wild Castle

Outside the main door there are some gardens. Not a big space, they are constrained by the shape of the parcels, but the give a good feeling when approacing the castle proper.

The main door gets you inside the Grand Hall. It is a big space decorated with paintings of sailships and naval battles.

a visit to Wild Castle

The Grand Hall is big enough to be a ballroom and I think it is worth to host a Ball soon there. :) I am organizing an event close to Christmas. I hope it works out well.

a visit to Wild Castle

The first floor is made by a living space. I haven't finished to furnish all the rooms, but I have always considered it to be a place of knowledge, so books are at home there.

a visit to Wild Castle

The most significant rooms are the Library and my Study Room. Other rooms to be decorated and furnished soon

a visit to Wild Castle

a visit to Wild Castle

The roof level is an open space where I am considering some gardens and fountains. It also gives access to the top level of the towers, where I am creating some guest room, should the need arise.

Enough for today ... have fun with your first and second lives :)



Friday, November 27, 2009

the Star of Winter

My new ship of the line, from the Black Spot Shipyards, moored in Winterfell Eventide

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the Hunting Star moored in Mishra on her way back from New Babbage to Winterfell

the Hunting Star in Mishra

I stopped in the Bay of Mishra with the Hunting Star on the way back to her home port in Eventide. Okay, if you look at the grid it is not exactly the shortest route but SL allows you to do that ;)

The Fleet Week was extremely successful for my TSS Brigg. Despite losing the final of the Windjammers Race the ship was voted as the winner of the Shipbuilding Contest. Well, I did not even know that the ship had entered the contest, so I was quite pleased that among so many ironclads in a Steampunk region, a sailship was voted as the best. Of course I have no merit at all, since I just bought the ship and the the credit is due to the skilled builder, Martina Lewsey, who I visited at the TSS shipyard, in Jabberwock, to share the news and to congratulate.

Some of the Mishra residents tell me that they enjoy the presence of the ships in the bay from time to time, so I thought to allow them to admire this beautiful ship for some days

And after all , there is something new in Eventide to be taken into account. But this is for the next time ;)


Some quiet sailing after the emotions of the Fleet Week

the Star of Winterfell in the Blake Sea and USS

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video of the Fleet Week

This is an absolutely astounding video about the Fleet Week in New Babbage.
Thank you Loki !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

the Windjammers Race

The Tall Ships Race was, together with the submarine race and the Uniform Ball, one of the Saturday Events of the Fleet Week in New Babbage.
The event was fun, with 3 match races: two semifinals and a final.

There were just 4 entrants, but that did not make it less interesting: Mr.
Tinus Koskinen, Miss BlackOpal Galicia, Admiral Bridget Jennings, and yours truly, Captain Wildstar Beaumont. There was also a good diversity in the ships that entered the race: a Schooner from the Black Spot Shipyard, a Trudeau, a ship from the the Southern Cross Shipyard, and my TSS Brigg.

Windjammer Race "New Babbage" "Fleet Week"

The sail field was challenging. A loop around several sims, with some tricky crossings that let you out of control for several seconds, a narrow path with many gates to go through which made it difficult to pass, once one was behind and a very tricky area where one had to sail into the wind with the danger of getting stuck.

In the first match race I faced Miss BlackOpal. It was a strange race: I believe her ship is not SL-wind propelled, which gave her an advantage at start, and I had to trail for a while. However, once my ship was up to speed it looked clear to me that the physical vehicle was sailing smoother and faster than the non-physical one. It is a pity that Black Spot ships do not work with SL wind. They are probably the most beautiful sailships in SL.

Windjammer Race

The second race saw Admiral Jennings with her SCS Battle Schooner to prevail on Mr. Koskinen. I missed the details of the race because I crashed right after my my stage.

In the final I had to face Admiral Jennings. There is little to tell. After the start, when we were head to head, she took the lead and I was not able to close the gap. On the side opposite the start line I had hope for a while to be able to catch her, but after a while the sailed away again and I was able to see her just from a distance.

Windjammer Race

Congratulations to Admiral Jennings for a perfect race.

The crowd filled the viewing area and seemed to have a lot of fun, greatly enjoying the event.  

Windjammer Race


Being busy in the race I did not have much time to take many pictures, but I invite everybody to visit this wonderful selection of PJ Trenton's images

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the Fleet Week Review

Here are some images from the Fleet Week Review that took place yesterday in New Babbage. The naviees of the steamlands nations showed themselves in an hour and a half of display of naval beauty.

Some of the captains assembled, before the review:

the Fleet Week Review in New Babbage

The review field :

the Fleet Week Review in New Babbage

Myself, overlooking the review from a nice spot

the Fleet Week Review in New Babbage

Ironclads were the majority of the ships displayed there :

the Fleet Week Review in New Babbage

Here is the Hunting Star flying the colors of Winterfell

the "Hunting Star" at the Fleet Week Review in New Babbage



Thursday, November 19, 2009

taking the Hunting Star to New Babbage

after some thinking and some testing of the sailing field I decided to take the Hunting Star (the TSS Brigg) to New Babbage, for the Fleet Week.

ready for departure

The Battlestar (SPD Frigate) would have looked better, but she is too challenging to sail in such a narrow field

Here are two images of myself on the deck ready to take the ship from Winterfell to New Babbage.

ready for departure


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the Fleet Week in New Babbage!

I still have to decide which ship I will take there but I will be there for the events ! :)


Friday, November 13, 2009

the Iron Star

The Wild Fleet did not have an ironclad. Until now. Here is the new flagship of the Steam Squadron: the Iron Star! ;)

The Iron Star

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exhibit at Venetia Landing

I have been invited to display some of my images at Venetia Landing in Winterfell Reverie.
Miss Tracy Yiyuan and Miss Midnyte DeCuir have been so kind to wish me to display my photos in their truly beautiful portion of Winterfell.

I happily agreed and I setup some of my images on a lovely spot in the middle of the area.

You can read more information about the exhibit in the online Visitors' Guide. and it will be open until Christmas.

See you there !


Monday, November 9, 2009

A new stage in my sailing tour

After quite a while I sailed a new stage of my circumnavigation of Gaeta, Corsica and Nautilus. I had last moored the Star of Faeria in the sim of Gumtree, on the western shores of Gaeta, and it was time to cross the channel liniing the two continents, back into Corsica waters.

Here is me after just entering the channel and just before meeting some other long distance sailors who were pursuing the same route.

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

And here is the Star of Faeria back in Corsica waters, in front of the impressive yachts on display at Star Bay Yachts.

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

The north eastern coast of Corsica is quite nice,  well kept, with some lovely shore where woods reach the beaches and some impressive and nicely made buildings

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

It looks like that for some the Christmas Season has started already :)

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

The target of this rather short stage was the sim of Esterhal, home of the Dumpling's Country Club, where I spend a good amount of my Saturday afternoons with the lovely soundtrack of DJ Rosa

I was lucky enough to find a place where I could rezz just nearby, so I did not have to look for too long a place where to moor the boat. Despite being oftern at Dumpling's I had never looked at the area closely and I was surprised to realize that this is quite a developed pirate area, with many vessels and even a ghost ship!

Sailing along the Northern Coast of the Corsica Continent

Next stage, Borgenite, once home of HRH Princess Ivory and Master Peck.

See you soon