Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saving Libris

I am very attached to Winterfell Libris. For a long period of time it has been the sim facing Star Port. From a certain point of view having Libris there was the reason why Star Port was born.

In the weeks following the great Openspace mess of 2008 Miss Serra moved Libris to the south, and now it plays a pivotal role in linking the northern dark fantasy sims, the Southern Dark Victorian sims and the homesteads in the East. The sim is particularly important for sailing, being the articulation point of all the main Winterfell waterways


These are difficult days for Winterfell, after its biggest residents decided to moved out to pursue their dream of creating their own sim, leaving most of Winterfell Reverie empty. With so much land unrented, yesterday Miss Serra announced that she is planning to close Libris in the next days.

Not long after the announcement, Mr. Cee Edman came out with a proposal for saving Libris by finding a number of residents willing to share the cost of the sim. A hole where Libris currently is would be a terrible blow to the beauty of Winterfell and would jeopardize the waterways in a terrible way, so I fully support Mr. Edman's suggestion and I will pay part of the costs. If anybody is interested in keeping the beauty of Winterfell I invite to join the effort. Of course the more people will support it the more negligible the cost will be for each individual.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Airbase 2.0

I have been restructuring the airbase, in the sky above Ebonshire, lately. It still requires some touch ups but overall I start to like the new look.

Airbase 2.0

Eventually the airbase will become the hub of a network of airship connecting varying interesting points, like a terminal on the ground, Wild Castle and the City in the Clouds.

Airbase 2.0

Have a look ! :)


Airbase 2.0

Airbase 2.0