Monday, January 28, 2013

Creating a New Blog

I have decided to create a new blog, where I can tell a bit more "in-character" the Adventures of Admiral Beaumont, of the Wild Fleet and of everything naval taking place in the Steamlands and around them.

Here is the first post :

From: Fleet Headquarters - Admiralty Island - Winterfell Eventide
To : the entire Wild Fleet

Effective Immediately

A new information page will be created in order to make available all the information concerning the fleet status and activities.
The page can be reached at

Posting of classified information require the clearance of the chief of naval intelligence


VADM Wildstar Beaumont
Admiralty Island - Winterfell Eventide

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the new SSS Hercules by Evvva Viper

Evvva has introduced her "Ship of the Line"

the New SSS Hercules by Evva Viper at the Temple of Neptune