Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a visit to Wild Castle

I have started building a castle rather soon in my SL experience and I have almost always thrown them away after a few days or weeks.
Wild Castle must be my fourth or fifth attempt. It did not start seriously and grew very slowly. I think I laid down the first prims over a year ago. For many months I kept the prims there always ready to delete them should any need arise. And once or twice per month I went there fixing a prim here and changing a texture there.

And after a while I realized that the castle had taken shape and I had began to like it and I was ruling out the idea to delete it any time soon.

a visit to Wild Castle

The castle is up in the sky, 3000m above Winterfell Ebonshire. Not because of any particular privacy concerns but because I like Ebonshire as it was originally intended by Miss Serra, a place of forests and small cottages.

It is not as "beautiful" or elegant as many other castles you can find in SL but I like the solid look it has when looked from the outside, while I have worked (and I am still working) more indoor where elegance is concerned.

a visit to Wild Castle

Outside the main door there are some gardens. Not a big space, they are constrained by the shape of the parcels, but the give a good feeling when approacing the castle proper.

The main door gets you inside the Grand Hall. It is a big space decorated with paintings of sailships and naval battles.

a visit to Wild Castle

The Grand Hall is big enough to be a ballroom and I think it is worth to host a Ball soon there. :) I am organizing an event close to Christmas. I hope it works out well.

a visit to Wild Castle

The first floor is made by a living space. I haven't finished to furnish all the rooms, but I have always considered it to be a place of knowledge, so books are at home there.

a visit to Wild Castle

The most significant rooms are the Library and my Study Room. Other rooms to be decorated and furnished soon

a visit to Wild Castle

a visit to Wild Castle

The roof level is an open space where I am considering some gardens and fountains. It also gives access to the top level of the towers, where I am creating some guest room, should the need arise.

Enough for today ... have fun with your first and second lives :)




Camilla said...

Wild Castle is beautiful. I am very impressed with the layout, and your use of textures. Looking forward to the Christmas Ball. Time to shop for a new gown! :)

AuroraSkye said...

WOW very nice work, Wild!!!! it WILL be nice to see it in person. :-)