Thursday, August 6, 2009

one year of blogging!

wow !
I just wanted to enter a post about being in vacation and that being the reason for not blogging too much (the wireless internet connection I use is not always that stable, and anyway I much prefer to read then write in these days) when I realized that tomorrow , the 7th of August is the first anniversary of my first post. It started like a joke, just because all my friends were doing it, and it has been one year already ! And I even got readers ! *** laugh ***

And speaking of anniversaries, this is also my senconf annivesary of being a Winterfell resident! I rented my first little cottage from Miss Serra exactly two years ago.

And last, but not least, nex Saturday is my RL birthday, and a pretty significant one this year. But better forget that ! *** grin ***

Happy anniversaries to me ! :D



Camilla said...

One year of blogging! Congratulations. You have done a fine job and I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Winterfell is very fortunate to have you as a citizen, and it was the prospect of having you as our neighbor that convinced us to move to Winterfell Ebonshire!

As to that RL birthday...
Are you finally turning 20?!

We shall have to have a big party for you when you are home from the beach vacation to celebrate all of your anniversaries!

AuroraSkye said...

wow -- one year anniversary!!!?? Whoooo Hoooo -- Congrats!!! I too enjoy reading your blog and you have a LOT of followers!!!


/me waves!

♥ Lolita ♥ said...

Congratulatons and happy Anniversary to your many events.

:: Lolita ::