Sunday, October 5, 2008

Winterfell 2008 Boobie Ball

the Ball was a HUGE success. No other adjective is adequate to describe it. The ballroom was full of participants! I counted a peak of 65 avies and for a moment, between crashes :) , I was afraid to replicate the experience of the last Winter Solstice Ball when we fried the server and we all found ourselves at the edges of a big crater.

The donations summed to about 250k L that, once the matching were added, brought the equivalent total to about 2700 USD.

Miss Serra Anansi and Her Grace Eva Bellambi did a GREAT job in addition to their generosity in matching the donations andI can only congratulate the two of them and thank them deeply for all their efforts.

Winterfell 2008 Boobie Ball

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