Tuesday, October 28, 2008

will much beauty be lost forever ?

I have always considered this picture one of my best SL captures. It is Winterfell Maldoror, just east of my home in Ebonshire.

Maldoror is a void (or openspace, as they are officially addressed). I have seen literally hundreds of these sims being born since the year began, giving people the opportunity to have their own private space away from drama and harassment, let creativity work and almost always giving birth to places of great beauty. I have seen thematic regions grow rapidly, adding new areas that I never tire to explore and look with amazement. It is incredible how much beauty and diversity people are able to create.

Today I have spent most of the time reading about the new policy that will probably kill forever these opportunities. People are angry, sad, crying. And I understand all of that.

What bothers me most is that feeling, that I am sure many have experienced, and that, despite wanting to be optimistic at all costs, so many time already in the past told me that things were changing. I felt it as school, in relationships, in workplaces. And now that same feeling in here in SL. I am already being told and reading about people leving SL. Some can be seen even here in the right colums among the blogs I read.

I feel sad today


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AuroraSkye said...

Oh dear -- I hate changes-- especially for the worse. I don't totally understand it (I went and read that thing you linked to in an earlier blog) but any raise in prices sounds upsetting to me -- and if they are trying to get rid of supposidly leachy "free accounts" = I like having my alts and I am not going to have them all be paid accounts. :-(



TY for the heads-up Wildstar. Hugss!