Thursday, October 9, 2008

about elves, boats, mermaids and dragons

It started some days ago, when Aianna was setting up a system for rezzing boats available to everybody in her home sim of Alurel. It was a nice set of boats and I must get one of those for myself eventually. I have the name already : the Elven Star (that would be tautological, wouldn't it, since the elfs are the people of the stars :) )

I helped Aianna testing the system and we rezzed a boat and we started sailing around the Elven Lands. Shortly Mykyl joined us as well. I had been to the Elven Lands many times, but I had never systematically explored the continent, even because it has changed and expanded much lately. It is a wonderful land, full of beauty whether on the green ground or underwater or on the peaks of mountains.


I decided that a more systematic exploration was necessary, I found a wharf in the Faery Crossing sim near the eastern edge of the continent and I took the Morning Star in the fantasy land.

the green

Mykyl and I started out trip with the objective to reach at least Alurel for the first stage.

The Morning Star is a fantastic boat and I find great happiness driving her in the seas of SL, however some of the canals of the elven lands are too narrow and the waters too shallow for a tall ship and sailing was very difficult and time consuming at times, if not impossible at all (well, some cheating is always possible ;) )

Mermaid Home

I have some small boats, mostly freebies, some of them pretty nice, and I like use them sometimes, especially assisting a mermaid Mykyl during her underwater explorations :)

The underwater of the Elvens Lands is a wonderful place for mermaids. So many sims are open ocean, and while on the surface they look nothing significant, a quick glance under the surface shows creations of great beauty, cities, malls, nature, fishes, aquatic mammals ! Wonderful ! :)

Yet the small boats are never fully satisfactory: too much is the fun of having to deal with sails and the wind.

So, I went back to Isla de Jacqinda, the headquarter of Trudeau Classic Yachts, and I purchased a new smaller ship: the Star of Faeria

the Star of Faeria

The Star of Faeria is a small reliable Trudeau-32, a bit light in strong winds, but maneuverable and small enough to sail in the narrow canals.

I moved west from Alurel and I explored the many water sims that can be found there.
Among those sims, a very nice sub region can be found : the Green. It is a region of 8-9 sims with both land and water sims, home for elves and mermaids. I have explored it a few times, even unsuccessfully trying to take the Morning Star under some narrow bridges :-) and I have gone back some other times. There are some lovely landscapes: castles on mountain peaks and waterfalls dominate the view, and the local residents I met there are very warm and friendly.

the green

the green

Like in the old ancient maps, where at the extreme edges of the charted land one could find written "hic sunt dracones" (here are dragons), in the westernmost portion of the continent one can actually find dragons.

The Isle of Wyrms is another subcontinent wonderfully landscaped, with green mountains, lovely valleys and deep fjords.

Isle of Wyrms

But the Isle of Wyrms is mainly home to dragons. Beautiful and fantastic creatures walk the land and fly the sky of the many sims of the Isle, and it is not difficult to freeze there, open mouthed and to admire them.

hic sunt dracones

So much for my explorations of the fantasy continent, so far. Some portions are still uncharted to me and I look forward to learn more about them.

Be well my friends. Until the next time ...



Anonymous said...

Yes - I would very much like to help you explore - these are some of the most beautiful sims I have seen in SL - The Isle of Wyrms is just breathtaking in places. I had not been there in well over a year when we went the other day, and it's amazing how much it has grown. What more will we find? :)

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooooo what beautiful pictures (as usual) and what lovely places to explore. TY for sharing your travels with us.

Neat boats too!!!!