Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Libris no more

Libris no more
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Miss Serra just held a meeting in Winterfell, about the openspaces crisis. Among other plans she also said that her own private home, Winterfell Libris, will have to go. Libris is the sim just outside my Star Port, probably the view I enjoy most when I am logged in. I spent hours on the deck of the Morning Star looking at the sunsets behind it. And now it will be no more

So much beauty lost



AuroraSkye said...

Wow --so many sad changes. :-(

I DID enjoy the ride on your lovely boat this morning. :-)

Btw -- did you notice that the word verification words seem to be trying to be closer to real words lately? (Or maybe I have just been getting unusual word verifications lately) The words used to be mere nonsensical combinations of letters whereas now they seem to be at least trying to be closer to real words.... easier to read it seems....

Anonymous said...

aww.... I just moved in on the edge of that - had great fun last night swimming out across it... :( This will change the shape of your port yet again too :(

Serra Anansi said...

I'm sorry. I am so sorry.


Wildstar said...


I did not want to sound like I was criticizing ...

_I_ am sorry ...
I am sorry for you , for your home, for JJ's dream for what you are going through.

Everybody reading the transcript of the meeting can see how great you are, and how beautifully you are managing the situation.

I was venting against the all scenario, surely not against you or your painful decisions

Princess Ivory said...

So many lovely dreams down the drain. So many of SL's best content creators, and strongest supporters, driven from their homes and projects. It seems like such a foolish waste. Why do they want to destroy what is best about SL? This is just the first blow among many to come on the estate sims, I fear. I have just discovered that my new rental cottage is on an Openspace sim. Obviously, things will have to change. But who know what, at this early state? So much still we don't know. It seems that this will truly be a watershed moment in the life of Second Life. I hope they enjoy the legacy they have left us.