Monday, October 13, 2008

the sailing paradise

I had read about it several times but I had never actually been there, except for a couple of TPs here and there. It is an area of over 125 sims all intended to enjoy the sailing experience.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

The region is called United Sailing Sims and it is made by several regions that have connected over time, like Sailors' Cove that connected at the beginning of the summer.
It is a fantastic area: open waters, islands, beaches, yacht clubs, race courses, different styles in the different regions. Everybody who likes marine landscapes is going to love it.

I left with Mykyl from Isla de Jacqinda, the headquarter of Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts, after having rezzed my Morning Star (a Trudeau Tradewind), and I headed north-west through newest canal opened there and in the direction of the beautiful Sailors Cove area.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

The pictures show the the beauty of the region. Different regions have different styles. Somewhere the feeling is tropical. In other places it reminds more of a New England scenery. There is a great feeling of freedom: even with the Draw Distance set at the maximum one can see unlimited water all around.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

Mykyl and I enjoyed the cruise very much (by the way: she was wearing a lovely swimsuit patterned with stars that Aurora had created for her). Unfortunately she had to leave to RL too soon and we were forced to dock.

taking the Morning Star in the United Sailing Sims

It was a beautiful trip: the region ensures hours and hours of fun. I still have to explore most of it, all the eastern and southern portions. By the way ... I have found out that sims that I know and I have visited in the past by TP'ing there, like Hollywood, or Nantucket are part of the region. I look forward to reach them by sea and to dock there!

Have fun with your own sailing



Princess Ivory said...

Ah, the Dazed and Confused must go putting about. I will have to bail water, I fear. She rides low. But it will be an adventure, if I can only entice Captain Alphonsus to launch her there!


AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo beautiful pics as usual! Wonderful boats, and what a lovely traveling companion you have in Mykyl. :-)

That was neat seeing her wearing the Star Suit I made -- TY for mentioning my name in your blog! How exciting! :-)