Tuesday, October 21, 2008

guardian angels

Guardian Angel
Originally uploaded by Wildstar Beaumont
there are moments when one feels lonely, sad, lost, miserable. there are these moments ... no way to avoid them

yet, if you look carefully, these are the moments when you notice them most: they can look very different: rich and poor, wise and fools, nobles and commoners, princesses and clerics, humans and elfs, nekos and fairies, vampires and mermaids, shy and naughty

they act in very different ways: with a message or an email, a call or a smile, a comment, a pat on the shoulder or they offer their shoulder. They do not let you sink, they force you on your feet, they make you talk, they make you vent, they make you come out of your hideouts, and doing so you are lost no more

they are your guardian angels, and they care about you


Serra Anansi said...

You aren't suppose to make me cry this early in the morning. *sniffles* Very nicely put.

Alphonsus said...

Wildstar, you are one of the most extraordinary people I know. You have a rock solid coolness that makes me envious.

No one can deny you that pain that you are justified to feel. But remember that you have friends, always, that care deeply.

Thank you for remaining part of our world.

AuroraSkye said...

This is beautiful, Wild. I want to second what Alphonsus wrote -- and I count myself as one of those friends who cares deeply about you and wants to help in any way I can.

Sending big hugs your way.


Princess Ivory said...

Hmm... I seem to recall noticing that powerful guardian angel image on a lovely sign high up in the sky in a special place, watching over a very special friend.

You are the most amazing man I have ever met, and we are all the better for knowing you.

<3 Princess

FD Spark said...

Beautiful words from a Man who truly has beauty and goodness that exist beyond pixels.
Thank you for being in my friend.
I truly believe or want to believe every thing and everyone has beauty, goodness and magic if we are open to see it.