Wednesday, October 15, 2008

milk wood

As it may be know to my few readers, I love to attend to in-world literary events, and especially to live readings.

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

I told before about the first reading of Aianna, that I consider the start of my serious dwelling in Second Life. Aianna has read in many in the past months: Faeria, Alurel, Winterfell ... and Milk Wood.

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

Milk Wood is an extraordinary institution: thanks to the commitment of Harriet Gausman, the soul behind the Guild of UK writers, almost every day it is possible to find event of the highest quality and entertainment: readings, poetry, novels, discussions, reviews, trivia. Milk Wood is based in the Scotland sims, Scotland Plarmigan and Scotland Inchlonaig, where there are reading areas, residential areas a merchant village dedicated to writers, all in a beautiful natural landscape.

Scotland Plarmigan

Milk Wood Market

I started attending Aianna's readings and more and more I became fond of other writers I learned to know there, talented people like Cora Hawker (fantastic horror and thrillers), Huckleberry Hax (master of virtual worlds novels), and Morgue McMillan (lovely poet), just to mention those I listened to several times, and apologizing to those I am forgetting.

Cora Hawker reading

Poetry Reading at Milk Wood

I spend now 2-3 times per week at Mild Wood, thanks also to their European-friendly schedule and it is always with great pleasure.

Places like Mild Wood show once again the magic that can be found in SL.

Be well my friends, until the next time :)



Princess Ivory said...

Alphonsus and I are very happy to call Milk Wood our new home. We have rented a lovely cottage in Blossom Down, Scotland Plarmigan. And Master Peck's Furnishings has a small stall in the Milk Wood Market.

Wildstar said...

oh , cool !
I am very happy about Master Peck's shop !