Friday, September 26, 2008

"afk" by Huckleberry Hax

My recently updated profile mentions my passion for in-world literary events.

There are a number of readings or storytelling events that I try to follow semi-regularly, at least those compatible with my being in Europe.

Of course I try to follow Aianna as much as I can, for both her flagship reading of the Valley of the Ivory Swan series and the newly added Bedtime Stories.

Another event I like to to follow are Cora Hawker's readings of her thriller/horror novels at the Guild of UK Writers.

Other events I try to follow, despite being rather late, are JJ Drinkwater's monthly Story Sessions at the Falling Anvil, in Caledon Tammranoch, and, since yesterday, the new Bards Gathering organized by Miss Serra in Winterfell.

But yesterday was special for Huckleberry Hax' reading of his novel "afk", organized by Harriet Gaussman's Guild of UK Writers (Thursdays 3 pm SLT at Milk Wood - Scotland Inchlonaig).

Huck usually reads at a time that becomes difficult for me to follow (it is my midnight), but I had been able to listen to portions of his other novel "the day is full of birds". He writes stories set in the virtual world and they are highly enjoyable. Despite that, attending only a couple of readings and being unable to follow the plot well, I had not appreciated the full of his skills, so far.

Yesterday it was different : Huck started reading the beginning of the new novel, about a private eye in SL, and it was a great experience and huge fun. It was so easy to identify in many moments of the story, which dramatizes experiences that are so common to everybody with a bit of experience in the virtual world.

The audience was packed and everybody looked and sounded enthusiastic after the event. People stayed long after it over to talk about it. It was a great evening !

Huck's writings are available to download as PDF on his pages and I strongly suggest everybody who likes SL and and good writing to give them a try.

Happy reading


P.S. : Huck is reading again today at 4 SLT at Windemere


Anonymous said...

Huck was really good - and his story was really fantastic. The detective story is not a genre I normally would follow, but the points he touched on and the way he told it were just great.

Miss Serra's Bards Gathering has a lot of promise too - nobody really knew what to expect this week, but I can see that there will be at least a couple of regulars there (myself included of course) and there promise to be some wonderful tales told there. :)

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