Saturday, September 6, 2008

sailing in Southern Caledon

I am once again circumnavigating Caledon together with Mykyl, this time taking a clockwise tour and always sailing the outer borders of the region. Desipite some narrow passages along the external edges of the sims we did not have major troubles except for a single place in Lovelace there the water was not deep enough and it was necessary to cheat a little.

It is incredible how much beauty can be still discovered, even after months of explorations. The images shown here were taken between Caledon Oxforbridge and Cymru

the "Morning Star" sailing in Southern Caledon

the "Morning Star" sailing in Southern Caledon


AuroraSkye said...

Ooooooo what lovely pictures and that sounds like so much fun!!!! You and Mykyl are so lucky to have eachother. The things you do sound like wonderful times!

TY for sharing your beautiful pictures with us all. :-)

Anonymous said...

A certain girl may have to sneak back in for a sail. I grew up sailing in RL, and your new Trudeau looks glorious! (as does the scenery).