Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sylvamoon Ember
passed away yesterday just after noon her time (Mountain TZ), after having suffered a stroke last Saturday. She was with us, her friends, when she blacked out, like it had already happened too often during the last weeks. She was with us, then the avie went silent, then away, then it was logged off. Aianna was in the list of people Sylva's brother had to contact, should anything happen to her, and she first received news about her critical conditions and then that she had left us.

Life was not good to Sylva. She was the RL mom of JewelFire Ember, who died last February the day of her twentieth birthday. Despite her merry attitude and her warmness the loss of Jewell was probably too much for Sylva. She loved her daughter much , even giving her the love others had denied her, and now she missed her as much.

SL was not good to Sylva either. Many rumors about Jewel spoiled Sylva's experience and sometimes people were plain mean to her, even if she came to the virtual world to find some of the love the loss of Jewell had denied her. During those first days, overwhelmed by the loss of Jewell, and not yet ready to accept someone who was reminding me so closely of her, I too was probably too not warm enough with her and I'll always regret that.

Despite all that she was always a merry presence around her friends.

No mother should see her daughter leave before her. I believe Sylva could not live with that. Now it is fixed and I believe they are together and happy, in the Summer Lands, as Jewel used to say. And in peace.



Across the sea and far away it's waiting there for me...the shores and glades of Summer Lands, of peace and serenity.

JewelFire Ember, February 2008


AuroraSkye said...

I didn't know Jewel as well as so many others did-- altho I did meet her and gave her a gift, so when SylvaMoon came on - I was happy to have the opportunity to meet her mother. I am glad that I was able to get to know both of them thru Sylva.

This is all so sudden - and sad but at the same token == it is good that now Sylva is back with her daughter, where they can be together.

Peace to them both = and hugs to all of us left behind.

Celeborn said...

I knew them both. More than I should like. Is it no coincidence that both would die in Second Life?

For those hearts who were crushed by these events, may you find peace. I know I never have. And I never will. What I find to the be the cruelest trickery of the heart known to mankind, has transpired under careful guise. I know this to be true, but I have never prove it to anyone.
It is simply is not believable someone could be so cruel.

May the ideas of them both be put to peaceful rest forever.

Goodbye Silva. May you not return as another sick one.