Sunday, September 21, 2008

caledon oxbridge

Oxbridge was an amazing discovery during my circumnavigation of Winterfell and Caledon a few weeks ago.

the "Morning Star" sailing in Southern Caledon

I was sailing along the southern coast of Caledon and I started to see the buildings of this sim I did not remember I had seen before. The style of the beautiful buildings and the name, Oxbridge, left little to be imagined about what was the inspiration: a place of knowledge and learning.

During that first trip I just sailed by the place, but it was impressed in my mind, so I went back, more than once, and every time I was stunned more and more by what was created there both estethically and functionally.

Oxbridge seen from Nova Civis caledon

Oxbridge is basically an orientation sim, intended for newbies to have a smooth introduction to the basic mechanisms of Second Life. In fact the sim is just to the west of Nova Civis Caledon, the Caledon branch of the popular New Citizen Incorporated.

University of Oxbridge

Oxbridge - which looks like it is being completed these days - is organized as an University, with a number of C
olleges to attend sequentially: Avatar Customization, Camera Control, Money and Business, etc. Taking these tutorial the new residents can easily learn about the activity that makes most of the day by day life of an avie

University of Oxbridge

The tutorials look some of the best I have seen so far. Very well conceived and implemented.
There are also a number high quality freebies related to each tutorial, that will be surely very useful to new residents.

the Caledon Library at the Oxbridge University

A local branch of that outstanding institution that is the Caledon Library cannot be missing there, and there is also a residence building, where newly graduated citizens, can have a home for their first weeks.

I do not think I have to mention the beauty of the buildings and of the sim as a whole. I believe the images I am including are more than able to transfer the feeling of this wonderful place.

the spires of Caledon Oxbridge

A fantastic accomplishment that I never get tired to visit.

... until the next time ...


Moonrise at Caledon Oxbridge

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AuroraSkye said...

Oooooo that looks like a FANTASTIC place!!!!! Your beautiful photos and your descriptions make me really want to visit this place!!!!

Thank you so much for telling us about it!