Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the Fighting Star

training cruise
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I have purchased a new ship recently, and as customary in my Star Fleet, after the Star of Christmas and the Morning Star I named her Fighting Star.
It can be classified as a sloop-of-war, a single deck, 12 guns SPD ship, enabled for battle in RP sims.
I have been in a couple of battles as a guest in a pirate region on a similar ship, and it was great fun. The ship takes damage and it becomes more and more difficult to pilot as the damage increases. At the end it is just sitting duck with no other alternative but to take more hits and sink :)

It will take time before I'll be able to take her into battle though. Beside the fact that a crew is required (at least two gunners beside the skipper, even if six people can be accommodated), even for casual cruises she is very difficult to sail. The maneuvers are very realistic : it works with wind, one must be able to work the sails appropriately and a minimum of speed must be maintained to be able to turn.

I have recently started to read Patrick O'Brian's adventures of Jack Audrey and I realized that many frustrating behaviors of the ship (difficulties to turn her, space required to maneuver, etc) are exactly the same that in the books are described for RL sailships between the XVIII and XIX centuries. It made me appreciate even more the wonderful work of the author of this line of ship : Chase Speculaas

So far I have customized her little just adding the Winterfell flag, but I think I'll work a bit more on her textures, so to have the feeling it is my own :)

There is also another model I like a lot ... hmmm I have already the name ready : Running Star :))

As I said ... lot of fun ! :))



training cruise


Anonymous said...

A beautiful ship - she needs a maidenhead though :D

When do I get to have a ride on her?

Anonymous said...

Ahoy there, Captain. Permission to board? I'm an able gunner, at your service.

I make no promises about my aim, however, and my favorite thing to call out is "Achieve ramming speed! Full speed ahead!" That way you don't need to worry about my poor aim. :) I can, however, be quite decorative at the mast, and thus distract the enemy while they are assailed by a boarding party.

AuroraSkye said...

Oh how neat!!!! That sounds like wonderful fun and I think that it is great that it moves realistically etc in battle!

Maybe I can be one of your crew ....I have good aim with paint brushes..... LOL Maybe I can paint the enemy ships into submission.


Congratulations on your new "toy." :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... Cami makes a good point... an all female gun crew could be a very effective weapon :))

Anonymous said...

It's an old trick of my father's, the tale of which Wildstar is already well acquainted!

This is a RL story about me:
As we cleared the break wall coming into port from Lake Huron (and sometimes Lake Michigan) and entered the harbor, my father would send his bikini-clad teenage daughter (me) to stand at the mast, ostensibly to be able to step down to the bow and grasp the bow line, to toss to the waiting dock hands to help us land safely in our slip.

People always wondered why we always had so much assistance to land. Dad's little gimmick always paid off. The dock hands are usually hanging out in their boring little dock hand hut enclosed in glass windows, so they could keep an eye on all activities. So anytime a new sailboat (they ignored the power boats - there is a social class within boating circles and stink boaters are at the bottom of the list with the pond scum) entered the harbor, they got out the binoculars to take a look. We usually got a small stampede of muscular, tan young men who couldn't do enough to be helpful!

And then of course, I would wander down to their little hut every night, and we would play euchre and flirt until the wee hours of the morning.

Gosh, do I miss being young and pretty!