Monday, September 8, 2008

bedtime stories

Bedtime Stories
Originally uploaded by Wildstar Beaumont
Aianna, with the cooperation of Danielle, who had the original idea, has started a new series of readings in the Tiny Village of Aurora Town. Instead of reading her own works, this time she is reading classical fairytales. The event has been titled Bedtme Stories to remind all of us of the happy time when someone was reading us fairytales before sleep

She started yesterday with Sleepy Beauty, Snow-White and Red-Rose and Tom Thumb. Aianna reads the very old original versions, sometimes different from and darker than the ones cortoons have made us accustomed to.

Yesterday it was great fun (by the way, there was a PJ dress code to be consistent with the bedtime theme :) ) and the event will repeat every Sunday at 5pm SLT


Anonymous said...

Brian loved it too :)))

AuroraSkye said...

Sounds like nice events! :-)

Hi to Wild and to Mykyl!