Friday, October 10, 2008

when george r.r. martin was in second life

I knew this event had taken place, GRRM in SL just before I started actively dwelling in Second Life, but I did not know there was a video. It is cool! I like the Tyrion avie ! :-)


AuroraSkye said...

That was a neat little film. I had never heard of him or his book before. Neat character/avie he has -- I liked the bits he read from his book.

His character looked like he has one dark eye and one light eye.

TY for posting this video, Wild.


Wildstar said...

shame Aurora ! :)

the Song of Ice and Fire if the best fantasy saga being written these days !

You can start here :

AuroraSkye said...

lolol (Crawls away and hides under a rock in shame)

TY for link ....