Saturday, October 4, 2008

events of the day

Today will be an intese day, because of two events taking place very close to each other.

From 12 to 2 SLT the Boobie Ball will take place in the new wonderfull Ballroom Miss Serra has built in Taure En Lor, Winterfell.

It is a fundraiser event related to Boobiethon in support to the fight against breast cancer.

the event is organized and sponsored by Miss Serra Anansi, Seneschelf of Winterfell and Her Grace Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Caledon Loch Avie. Both Serra and Eva will match the donations collected during the event, so each donation will actually count three times.

At 3 pm slt, just a few steps from the ballroom, across the Winterfell-Ebonshire border, at the campire of my own Wild Island, the Fearian exiles will join Mykyl for the first PHC to take place out of Faeria.

As Mykyl has mentioned in her blog, PHC will be hosted by the friends of Faeria for the following weeks. Next week will be Miss Alpha's turn in her Church of Perpetual Responsibility, Nakji and on two weeks Aianna will host theevent in her Fairy's Grove in Alurel.

PHC has always been THE event for Faeria and her friends, and I look forward to tonight's event. Being able to gather with friends and chat, and dance and listen to the familiar voices and musics of the show will remind all of us that Faeria is where we are, because it has been created by the hearts who have been charmed by Mykyl's dream.

Both events are important in their own way and I hope to see them packed.

Have a good week end


P.S. oh ... I forgot ... the dress code for the ball is: "Wear Pink if you like, and you may dance topless if you dare, in honor of the breasts and lives we are working to save" ;)


Anonymous said...

I look forward to being there at both events very much:)

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo I hope to try to be at them too (if I can get to sleep and then wake up in time) (Darn my turned around schedule!) :-(

Princess Ivory said...

If you are lucky, you may get a flash of my breasts!

Looking forward to both events today.

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