Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the bright star gallery

the Bright Star Gallery in Winterfell Laudanum, is under remodeling after the end of the Old Winterfell Memories Exhibit. I can't say that the exhibit was a great success, the traffic was fair but not great and very little were the images or the catalogs picked up, despite all being free.

Well, maybe I have to reconsider the organization of the gallery and the way I make it know :)

In the next days I'll go back to the classical display of sailships but there will also be a change.
I invited Great Mills to display some of his pictures in the gallery.
Great's gallery was one of the cornerstones of the Faeria village and Mykyl has always cared a lot about Great and his gallery. With Faeria closing down Great was temporarily without a display space and since I have always liked his pictures, I have invited him to be a guest in my gallery. I think that my (rare) visitors will like them as well

So long, my even more rare readers :)


in the Bright Star Gallery


AuroraSkye said...

OH NOOOOOOO -- I wanted to see your photos at the gallery == I feel so awful about not making it over there --- I love your work and I definately wanted to go there. :-(

And I also LOVE reading your blog ! I come here every time I am online.

Please accept my apologies for missing your earlier art - I need to figure out how to get there when on SL -- I saw the link you put in here but I am not sure how those work == I mean, if I am on SL == do I click on a link out here on the WEB and it will take me to a place IN SL? Forgive me if this is a stupid question -- there is still a lot about SL that I don't know about.

(One of your "rare" readers) :-)

Wildstar said...

yes Aurora,
when you click on the link with the slurl you get the TP window in the viewer. If you do not have SL running it opens the viewer for you :)

AuroraSkye said...

Oh neat-- I will make sure I click on these things when I already have SL on cuz the last time it tried to open SL it froze everything up on my computer and I had to reboot. (Boy I need a new computer) lolol