Sunday, October 5, 2008

PHC at Wild Island

Faeria had its flagship event on the road for the first time yesterday when I hosted PHC near my campfire on Wild Island in Winterfell Ebonshire.

It was a good evening : Many people attended, even Alphonsus and Princess, who had been missed for long time, were there and danced beautifully for more than one hour.

PHC at Wild Island

Eva had Aianna cuddling her for most of the time and they were very sweet. Danielle came to visit for a while with a friend (and a friend of the friend later) and they alternated between dancing with us and exploring Ebonshire.

Alpha was nicely bratty and I must say that when she interacts with Alphonsus the fun rate is always very high. Must be something in the DNA of the Alphs :)

PHC at Wild Island

Mykyl and I keep dancing from out previous three hours at the Boobie Ball .. I must say that virtual partying may be as stressful as the RL one. This morning I wake up with a bad hangover and I spent most of the day napping :)

The show was great : it is the first live event of the new season and it was big fun.

Near the limit of my resistance FD and Lando showed up, and we all sat around the fire for the last chats. Despite the fact that Princess had already tired and logged off and we missed her it was a real feeling of a family : the Faeria family.

PHC at Wild Island

Faeria may have bene of the road but Faeria was neverthless.

Next week PHC will be hosted by Miss Alpha in Nakji

So long



AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo that sounds wonderful -- and those were great pictures, Wild. Unfortunately my sleep schedule is completely on the other half of the world now -- (blah) I sure hope I can turn it around -- I am tired of missing things) :-(

Still, I am soooo glad it was a success and you all had fun!


Anonymous said...

Yes - it was a long day of partying, but I went to bed a very happy Queene - and Gardener who saw some of her seeds sprout that day :)