Sunday, October 12, 2008

an orchestra !

SL never ceases to amaze me.
Yesterday, at the Green sim I attended a classic concert played by the Fontana orchestra.

Fontana Orchestra

It was truly amazing. The feeling was that of being attending a RL concert, and after the concert ended I was unable to move for a few minutes trying to recapture the magic of the performance. Exactly like in RL.

Truly wonderful !

Fontana Orchestra


AuroraSkye said...

OH that DOES sound wonderful!!! How did you find out about it?

Great pictures as usual! I have never seen a orchestra concert on SL and I bet that would really be an interesting experience.


Therese said...

I missed that?? :/

Princess Ivory said...

I attended Red: an orchestra, around a year ago. They billed themselves as the first RL orchestra to perform in SL, but others have made that claim as well (although later, so I still think Red was first). It was an interesting experience. Much different than a RL performance, where everyone sits quietly. I was in a standing room only overflow area, and there was lots of walking about and conversation during the performance.