Thursday, October 16, 2008


sail race

This is a "live" post: I am attending a sail race (as a spectator) in the Zinneman sim of the United Sailing Sims.
These boats are SOOOO fast ! The wind fills the spinnaker and pushes them faster and faster ! Just being here and watching is great fun!

sail race

I can't image the fun being in the race ! :))

sail race

have fun with a sail race !



AuroraSkye said...

Oooooooo THIS looks great!!!! Great looking boats and I can't even imagine them moving fast (esp with MY laggy SL) Sounds like this was VERY fun!


Anonymous said...

Why you are not already practicing with one of those catamarans?

You should do this! It would bring you great joy - and it would bring me joy to see that in you :)

Wildstar said...

I am not sure that I really like the catamaran. It is a boat for competition and I prefer exploration. But I'll think about it :)