Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Bay Yachts

I have not yet left the sim of Gumtree to start my next stage of the tour of the continents, I have, however, give in to the curiosity and visited the Star Bay area, on the eastern edge of the Corsica continent and mentioned in my previous post.

Wow !!! 

The place is fantastic. Yachts, boats, sailships ... a feast for the eyes ! :)

Star Bay Yacht Marina

Granted, they are mostly static, and I usually prefer to sail,  but the sailships look so good, with so much care for the details that it is difficult not to be impressed.

Star Bay Yacht Marina

I believe that I'll make an exception and I get one. :D

Star Bay Yacht Marina

Stay tuned for the images of a new boat floating in the Bay of Mishra :)


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