Friday, November 21, 2008

Winterfell is changing .. follow-up

This morning the emptiness outside Star Port had already been filled by the new sim, a new full sim inheriting the name of Winterfell Moldoror. The view is quite different but the overall look is very nice. I wonder already what those mountains will look like in Winter.

Now Star Port is in a cul de sac, connecting to the rest of the region through a canal between between Winterfell and Morigion. A very nice and protected position for a harbor. I must be careful that no enemy force block the canal though *** grin ***
Maybe I should place some guns for the defense of the port :)

the new view from Star Port

While I was getting used with the view, Miss Serra joined me and suggested to join my two land plots on the island moving the harbor back a few meters. It was a good idea, even if moving the infrastructure of the harbor and some terraforming were required. I still have to finish to work on all the details by I kind of like it. There is a bit more sea outside the harbor and the connections of the two plots makes it easier to operate on the sky platforms, while before I always had to be careful about not place prims over the Winterfell group land between the two plots.

Still some work to do but so far I am happy about the changes :)


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Anonymous said...

/me grins and notes that the just of her own land might be a good place to put a protective cannon - and perhaps we could teach Mary to operate it :)

The new sim and your larger port are a fantastic boon to my mermaid self too - I am very happy with what the two of you have done there - and glad of the protection your fleet offers - and sorry about splashing you this morning... wait - no I am not - it was fun! :))