Sunday, November 30, 2008

PHC on the Airship

Yesterday I hosted PHC on my fantasy airship, docked at my airstation 2000m over Winterfell.

It was fun! I was a bit worried about constraining the guests in the airship but I guess it worked. The regular bunch was there and I was able to find a stream giving PHC and also The Thistle & Shamrock at the times we were used when listening to WXXI.

Alphonsus gave proof of his magical powers once more, dancing the entire night in the fire without even warming up :) And Princess was up to the challenge spending almost all the time in the fire with him :)

Alphonsus firedancer

Mykyl was with us buy afk for part of the time. She actually was at Dulcinea's home in RL and her niece appointed her toy of the day, so she did not have full time and availability of her hands for SL :)

The evening/night had a geeky end with a discussion about graphic formats and Princess' photoshop activities. I hope not too many were bored :)

So long 


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