Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meme: Things I do when I log on

Therese has been so nice (:P) to tag me and so this is basically an invitation to share my list of things that I do when I log on.
  • the first thing I do after the always too slow login procedure has completed is to check my email, to see the messages since the last night. I give priority to Wildstar's email but I also check my alts, since they belong to groups I am interested in but that are beyond the 25 groups limit. I use Thunderbird with IMAP settings so I can have all the accounts of my alts in one window.
  • Next it is time to check the Twitter and Plurk messages and to quicky follow the most interesting discussions and the links embedded in the messages.
  • after the microblogs I check my google reader to see if anyhting interesting has been published in the blogosphere, among those I follow. A lot of time can be spent here: some posts are interesting and one is compelled to follow links and references. Internet can be such a time waster :D
  • next it is time to take care of my own blog. First I check the latest visitors and where they came from. In the meanwhile I think if I have to enter anything new. Most times, even if I have something to say, I just add pictures and enter a few bullets to fix the ideas to be expanded later.
  • If I have survived the blogosphere and I still have time, it is the moment to log in SL. The notices go away rather quicky: after all I hd read them already in email. Somethims though I also refuse some attachment that was supposed to be interesting and so I go back to the group notices to retrieve them.
  • After the notices and the IMs from the previous hours, I decide for the outfit of the day and then I check my friend list to see who is online. At this moment I probably have already someone saying "hi" to me. If not it is me who says "hi" to someone :) And so the SL day begins :)
Boring, isn't it ? :)

And now my victims :D ... Princess, Mykyl, Serra you have been tagged ;)

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AuroraSkye said...

Hi there Wild- -

That was interesting reading your daily routine upon coming online. It is somewhat similar to mine in that I check my emails first - then go to blogs and/or on-the-web things, ...then lastly, go to SL.

Interesting. :-)