Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the running star

The Running Star is the latest addition to the fleet. She is a Chase Speculaas' Corsair, born for speed and aggressivness. 

the running star

She is less armored and with less firepower than the Fighting Star but she is much faster and more manouvrable.
In terms of permissions the ship does not actually belongs to me but to one of my alts. I chosed to do so partly to be able to have some sailing fun also when I am not logged as Wildstar (after all I have given a naval rank to all my alts ;) ) and partly because being these ships built with wearable technology, they can be used only by the owner, so, as Wildstar, I could use just one at the same time.

Being my second nature that of a photographer I have been playing for a while with the idea of taking some fleet action shots, but it is impossible just for Wildstar to take more than one boat at sea. So the idea is to be able to take more than one ship in world making use of more than one avie.

the running star

I have experimented with two clients running in each of my two PCs and, even of they slow down a lot, it is quite possible to assemble static scenes with up to four avies. I did so to take a shot to document my entry for the Mix'n Match initiative, whose subject was about alts :)

So, I now look forward to be able to take some good shot, and I better hurry as long as some waterways are still existing. Even if ... I am now tempted to get even another ship for another alt. It would be such a great fleet to photograph !

/me laughs aloud

Until the next time ...



AuroraSkye said...

Oh what a lovely boat (if I am using that term correctly -- I still get confused as to when to write "ship" and when to write "boat.")

That is so neat that you can have 4 alts on at once! WOW.

Wonderful pics! :-)

? said...

Love the originality and I remain at your service