Monday, November 3, 2008

mix'n match - update

the Mix'n Match assignments are out !
I get to write about Alts in Second Life - necessary evil, fun diversion or an easy way to be dishonest ?

Sounds cool enough, does it not ? Not as bad as some other subjects I could have picked and about which I would have had nothing to say.

The entry is going to be published on Meara Deschanel's One Girl | Two Worlds blog.

In turn I am going to host a piece by Rik Riel, about Biggest life lessons (first or second life) learned in SL.

At the moments I am excited about the assignments. :)
Wish good luck to me and to all the fellow bloggers involved in this cool initiative. I think some good stuff will come out of it



AuroraSkye said...

wow how neat!!! Sounds like great subjects both of them! I am wishing the best of luck to you all and can't wait to read your entries.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be harder than I though it would....

? said...

Hey wildstar - I’m sure all of us readers just love the mix and match. this is quite interesting and I am looking forward to all that good stuff coming soon.