Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Winterfell !

New Winterfell Map

Two years ago today Winterfell was born.

I wish all the Winterfallens a Happy Anniversary and I wish to thank Miss Serra whose vision and dedication have given many of us a fantastic place to call home.

I rise a toast to Winterfell and Miss Serra!!!


the "Fighting Star" in the straits of Winterfell Maldoror

Winterfell Serenity

Winterfell Elysium

Castle Breakwater

Port Amaranthine

Winterfell Views


Winterfell Village Reopening Party

Aianna's Reading


Winterfell Views


taure en lor - winterfell

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AuroraSkye said...

Wow -- all those photos are wonderful, Wild!!! They are sure beautiful!!!!!