Sunday, November 9, 2008

news of the day

I did not wake up badly this morning. Today I have to turn in my blog assignment for the Mix'n Match initiative, and, despite not being a masterpiece, I think it may meet some minimum requirements not to shame myself. A couple of final readings and I'll be ready.

My blog got its fifth follower this morning (thank you, Rhett :) ). Not many, I know, but that is why every one counts. By the way, Rhett is following other pretty interesting blogs that I did not know and I will add them in my aggregator. And I found out that my technoraty authority is in double digits ! Silly, I know, but it still a measure that someone likes to read here :)

Not a bad morning it was ... then ... I read news like this (found on and I am suddenly sad again.

Shall I forget my boats and get a snorkling equipment ?




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Anonymous said...

You cannot forget your boats, and you cannot give up - WE have the power to shape this world still - WE have the power to make ways for the dog fights and sea battles continue in some way.

Camilla said...

Yes, WE do. If WE are willing to pony up the cash for full private estate sims. Anything less that that is just too financially risky, and doesn't meet the needs of most users.

Somehow I don't see it happening. Not in the current US economy, anyway. Unemployment has hit a 14-year record high of 6.5% And that is just the "official" people they are counting. There are plenty more whose income has disappeared, but they have not applied for SS unemployment because they are not eligible for one reason or another.

There is talk of people walking away from their OS sims. Just abandoning them. Like that is such a big deal? Where I live, people are walking away from their REAL homes. Just abandoning them. To bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Because they cannot afford even one more mortgage payment, and they are so far behind they will never catch up. It's hard for me to care that much about SL sims at the moment, given the status of my home state. In fact, I am considering pulling out all together because every RL penny matters now, even to us.

And trust is at an all-time low where LL is concerned. I sure wouldn't be willing to plunk down all that money, only to have them change the rules on me at some point down the road, with only 8 weeks notice to adjust.

And by eliminating the sailing and flying regions, there is the trickle down effect - the makers of boats and planes will see their sales plummet very soon. And that will drive more people under financially.

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