Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter is Coming

Winter has come

A couple of days ago it started snowing in Winterfell. The land became white and it was a really enchanting view. The view from Star Port was wonderful. The white mountains of the new Morigion and Maldoror gave the place the look of a true Norvegian fjiord.


I decided it was time to take the Christmas decorations out of the box where I had packed them last year and start giving my plots and homes a Holiday look. So I took out lights, Christmas trees, little trains and snowmen and I started placing them in and around my cottage, at Star Port and in my Aurora Town home.

On top of that, yesterday the new wonderful set of Miss Uni Ninetails's trees was released and I got one. Uni did miracles with just two prims. The trees have several seasonal looks so I set many of them to the winter look and replaced the green trees on the plots. But they are going to look even cooler in Spring and Summer.

Little Train

It took a while to find my little train and place it near my cottage like I did last year, but at last I found it in the wrong box and here it is. Also a friend gave me a cool ice fountain and I placed that as well, near the rear door of the cottage.

Christmas Lights at Star Port

I have not been able to find my icicles so far. I have to look harder. An inventory can be such a time waster! :) They would look nice at Star Port. I am going to have a freebie gift placed there and in the Bright Star Gallery as well, in the next days, but I'll tell more about that in the next post.

I have not finished yet. I will take it easy and slowly, giving little touches every day, according to the mood. I have also set the streams to a channel playing Christmas Tunes. I love the spirit of the Holidays :)

Christmas Lights at Star Port

I decorated the Aurora Town Home as well. When I took the picture of the Christmas tree the slide show was showing the picture I took when I was decorating last year in my then brand new Captain Uniform :) Funny.

Christmas Lights at Home

Aurora Town is having a tree hunt these days. There are 30 trees around the town with a fair number of freebies in them. Yesterday I spent some time there, but I found just 10 or so. I have never been a champion at hunts :)

A suggestion for those who know where my home is there : the tree between my home and Danielle's is full of Christmas decorations. (I hope Lilliana does not read this :) )

Happy Holidays to all


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