Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Tradewinds Boats Show

2008 Tradewinds Boat Show

The other event that is capturing my attention these days is the 2008 Tradewinds Boats Show. It is a fair where the state of the art of SL sailing technology is on display.
There are many wonderful boats on display from far more merchants I was aware of. The temptation to buy now boats is very high :D but so far I only bought a little Flying Fizz, which, despite the small dimensions and the very affordable price it is still a wonderful boat.

2008 Tradewinds Boat Show

The true reason I got the Fizz (which I still have to name) is that yesterday I attended a very nice presentation by the Fizz' creator, Mothgirl Dibou, who introduced a new sailing script set, she has designed from scratch and that she will be introducing in January. I have added the link to the transcript of the original talk, so I won't summarize the concepts here, but it is very interesting so I invite you to read it.

There are a number of other boats that cought my attention and make the show very interesting to visit: great realism in the detail in many models, customization packages, wonderful sail sets. A line of boats is called Wild Winds and I find a couple of models very tempting ... hehe

There is also the Sl reproduction of a RL fishing schooner, the Ernestina, that is really wonderfully done.

Who knows ... my fleet might grow even more :)

fair winds


SYC 2008 Tradewinds Boats Show

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AuroraSkye said...

What wonderful boats! No wonder you are tempted. (And that human rights thing also sounds like it was fun -- Hi to Princess, Mykyl, Twinkle, etc who were there too)